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Read the captivating biography of (), a Nigerian musical prodigy signed to 0207 Def Jam. Dive into her life, discover hit songs like “How To Kill A Man,” unveil her real name and age, and learn why Wizkid considers her one of his favourite artistes. Immerse yourself in the melody of Bloody Civilian’s journey on


Bloody Civilian Biography: Early Life and Background

Born in 1998, Emoseh Khamofu, popularly known as Bloody Civilian, hails from Taraba State, Nigeria. Growing up in the northern region, nestled between Kaduna, Jos, and Abuja, Emoseh’s upbringing was deeply influenced by the cultural richness of her surroundings. Raised in a traditional home with strict parental guidance, her parents’ prohibition on extensive movement shaped her formative years.

Emoseh’s musical journey began to unfold during her teenage years when she actively participated in school talent contests, showcasing her extraordinary vocal prowess and guitar skills. Early signs of her musical inclination were evident as she crafted original songs, leaving a lasting impression on her peers. It was during this time that she started producing beats, laying the foundation for her distinctive musical style.


Despite her growing passion for music, her father, a former travelling musician, initially viewed her musical pursuits as a hobby, advocating for a more traditional educational path. However, Emoseh’s love for music only deepened, and her unique moniker, “Bloody Civilian,” emerged from the turbulent backdrop of the northern region, marked by military conflicts.

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Bloody Civilian , Emoseh Khamofu


Career in Music: Rising Star

Bloody Civilian’s foray into the music industry gained momentum in 2022 with the release of her breakthrough single, “How To Kill A Man.” As a record producer, she crafted beats not only for herself but also collaborated with fellow artists. Her international recognition soared after writing and producing “Wake Up,” a soundtrack featuring Rema for the acclaimed movie “Black Panther Wakanda Forever.”

Continuing her musical journey, Bloody Civilian delivered hit tracks like “I Don’t Like You,” showcasing her versatility and evolving artistry. Her impactful presence in the music scene earned her a nomination in the “Rookie Of The Year” category at the 2023 Headies Awards.


Noteworthy Songs by Bloody Civilian:

  1. “How To Kill A Man”
  2. “I Don’t Like You”
  3. “Wake Up” ft Rema

Awards and Recognitions: A Glance at Headies 2023 While Bloody Civilian secured a nomination for the 2023 Headies Awards’ Rookie of the Year, the coveted title went to Odumodu Blvck, marking a momentous competition.

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Social Media Presence: Connect with the Musical Maven

  • Facebook: Bloody Civilian
  • Instagram: @bloody_civ
  • Twitter: @bloody_civ

Intriguing and talented, Bloody Civilian stands as a testament to the vibrant musical landscape emerging from the heart of Nigeria. Stay tuned for more melodious creations from this rising star.


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