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Bishop is a Nigerian pastor who has been sentenced to life in prison for r*pe.

We will explore the intriguing life of in this comprehensive . Uncover details about his age, marriage to Pastor Awele Feyi-Daniels, and the significant events that led to a life sentence. Delve into the compelling story of this renowned figure, accompanied by interesting facts.


Bishop Feyi Oluwafeyiropo Daniels is the Presiding Bishop of iReign Global, a church based in Oregun, Lagos, Nigeria but with branches all across the globe.


The man of God is currently in the news over some stunning news involving allegedly r*ping a church member.

After a lengthy trial, he has been sentenced to life in prison, catapulting him atop the trends.


Let’s take a look at – who is Bishop Feyi Daniels?


“Bishop Feyi Daniels Biography:

Bishop Oluwafeyiropo Daniels is a distinguished Nigerian man of God, revered as a prophet, preacher, and healer. As the founder and presiding pastor of Ireign Global Church, his spiritual journey has been marked by profound encounters and a commitment to spreading the message of faith.


Born in Jericho Hospital, Ibadan, Feyi Daniels spent his formative years in Lagos. His transformative experience with God occurred in 1991 when he embraced a new life at the Seven Days Adventist Church in Ogba.

At the tender age of 11, Daniels faced a critical health crisis that led to hospitalization in Maryland, Lagos. Doctors had given up hope, asserting that his brain would no longer function. In a divine intervention, the Lord appeared in physical form, bringing healing light into the room and restoring him.

This life-altering encounter propelled Bishop Feyi Daniels into a journey of scripture recitation and a deepening connection with God. His official church biography highlights his eschatological approach to interpreting Bible history and prophecies. Inspired by the teachings of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, he pursued extensive studies in Bible and theology, preparing himself for a meaningful ministry.


Bishop Feyi Daniels stands as a testament to the transformative power of faith and the pursuit of divine understanding. His life story continues to inspire and resonate with those seeking spiritual guidance.



Pastor Chris heavily influenced Feyi Daniels.


“All of these experiences have profoundly influenced Bishop Feyi Daniels’ current teachings. Described as a man who challenges conventions, particularly in religion and life as a whole, Bishop Feyi Daniels presents a unique perspective.


According to his official website, Bishop Feyi Daniels defines himself as follows: “I am the move of God. The prophet you should have met and the last you’ll need to meet. I am a prophet called to nations and a leading global voice in mysteries about the Angelic. I am a teacher of God’s word. I have been named the teaching prophet.”

Continuing with his multifaceted role, he states: “As a dynamic leader in the corporate world, I run business schools, managed multinational institutions, and scaled firms consulted by several multinationals. As a prophet, I speak to men in business, established personnel in power, the everyday man, and to the body of Christ. With a calling to rule nations, provide clarity, and establish kings and systems, I understand that my office goes beyond the four walls of the church. This is why I would love to connect with you.”


In 2006, Bishop Feyi Daniels initiated Gnosis Business School, now known as Evolve Business School. Additionally, in 2019, he founded the Kings Academy based on divine directives and currently serves as the Chancellor of the two universities.

His extensive professional portfolio includes collaborations with international corporations such as Chevron, Intercontinental Bank, Skye Bank, and the Government in Nigeria. Bishop Feyi Daniels’ journey reflects a harmonious blend of spiritual leadership and impactful contributions to the corporate world.



– I reign Christian ministry.

“Bishop Feyi Daniels’ biography unfolds a captivating chapter dedicated to his ministry – the Ireign Global Church.


The church’s inception is marked by a significant event, as detailed on the church website. On the 14th of June 2011, in Ido Ile, Ekiti, Bishop Feyi Daniels experienced a physical appearance of our Lord Jesus, who instructed him with the words, ‘follow me and I will make you.’ This profound encounter was followed by a vision, where Daniels was mandated to raise men and women who would reign in life as kings.

The church’s establishment narrative reveals divine guidance in selecting the starting point. Despite initial plans to commence ministry work in Lekki, Lagos, Bishop Feyi Daniels received a clear directive from God to begin in Accra.




The Lord provided a specific address for the venue, a place Daniels had never been to, initiating the mission work on the 4th of December, 2011, on Spintex Road, Accra, Ghana.


The outreach extended from there to other parts of Ghana and a few African nations. After serving as missionaries for six years, a divine word prompted the church to start planting churches.


Between December 2017 and 2019, Ireign Global Church successfully planted 13 church centres, in addition to the center directed by God to be given to the pastor in charge.



The church has witnessed remarkable growth, with its headquarters situated at Gbolade Adebanjo Crescent, beside Spar (Adebola House) in Opebi Ikeja, Lagos. Another significant center is located at Adekunle Fajuyi Way, Mokola/Adamasingba Road, opposite Alafia Hospital in Ibadan. Expanding its footprint, the church has established centers in Abeokuta, Abuja, Accra, and other locations, spreading its message and mission across the world.


Pastor : you can access the Church’s website via


Feyi Daniels wife

Feyi Daniels wife
Feyi Daniels wife

Bishop Feyi Daniels is happily married to the esteemed Pastor Awele Feyi-Daniels, and their union has been blessed with two sons.



Bishop Feyi Daniels, Feyi Daniels Remanded For Allegedly R*ping Woman While Speaking In Tongues
Bishop Feyi Daniels Age

Bishop Feyi Daniels, born on May 6th, 1980,  44 years old as of 2024


Pastor Feyi Daniels Story: Arrest & Trial


Bishop Feyi Daniels biography will be  concluded by taking a look at his r*pe trial.

Oluwafeyiropo Daniel was charged with r*ping his assistant pastor and one other (names withheld).

Daniel, who is the Bishop of I Reign Christian Ministry, was also charged with the attempted r*pe of one other alleged survivor (name withheld).



He, however, pleaded not guilty to the amended four-count charge bordering on rpe, sxual assault and attempted r*pe.


Bishop Feyi Daniels Sentencing.

On January 26th 2024, Bishop Feyi Daniels, who went viral during the 2023 Nigerian election for Prophesying that President will be arrested on his Inauguration Day, was Sentenced To Life Imprisonment for r*ping g his Church Member!!!

An Ikeja S*xual Offences and Domestic Violence court on Friday sentenced founder of Reign Christian Ministry, Feyi Daniels, to life imprisonment for “raping a church member”.

The trial judge, Rahman Oshodi, found the Lagos-based cleric guilty of rape and s*xual assault of a female worshipper.

The Lagos High Court sentenced Bishop Feyiropo Daniels to life imprisonment for the offence of rape and 3 years imprisonment for s*xual assault.

His name will also BE registered in the S*xual Offenders Register as maintained by Lagos State.

Ejes Gist News Nigeria reported that a 23-year-old assistant pastor told an Ikeja Sxual Offences and Domestic Violence Court in Lagos that the man of God rped her twice.

One victim told the court: “Feyi Daniels told me that when I was born, my aunt did something to me that prevented my progress in life.

“He said the instruction he received was for him to help me so that I could be free from my aunt.

“I asked what the instructions were, and he said the instruction was for him to have s*x with me.

“I was confused at this point. His eyes had already changed and he told me to go to his room.”

“He (defendant) was playing a Christian song with the title, ‘Let Praises Rise’ on his phone.

“He pushed me on the bed, I tried to move away but he pulled me back as I was already naked.

While Feyi Daniels was speaking in tongue, he was having s*x with me,” she testified.

While fielding questions under cross-examination, the prosecution’s lead counsel, Babajide Boye, sought to establish that the defendant, Bishop Daniels, had a ‘personal relationship’ with the four women.

Boye alleged that the defendant had counseled one of the women, given the amount of N100,000 to another for hospital treatment, paid school fees for a third, and related with a fourth as a leader in the campus fellowship affiliated with his ministry at Akungba-Akobo in Ondo State.

But the Bishop denied giving money to one of the women for treatment. He said, “I believe all three ladies turned against me, but not (name withheld) because she later apologised to me.”

When asked why the accusations from the ladies were all s*xual in nature, the defendant said he didn’t know.

Boye also accused the defendant of using his position as a
Pastor to manipulate persons who come to him for counseling.

“You are a man of God. Are you not? A powerful man of God.
You get trained to counsel, and you use wisdom and the leading of the spirit to manipulate” he queried in court.

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