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Bobrisky: Check Out 3 ‘Safe’ Alternatives To Spraying Money In Nigerian Parties



The tradition of spraying money at parties has been deeply entrenched in Nigerian culture for a long time, frequently acting as a vibrant way to kick off festivities and bring people together.

For Nigerians, the spectacle of unfurling a bundle of crisp naira notes and showering them on the dancing floor carries with it an implicit message of wealth and status.


However, in recent times, law enforcement agencies have intensified their crackdown on individuals who engage in this practice, citing a violation of section 21(3) of Nigeria’s CBN Act of 2007.

Such actions are deemed as defacement of Nigeria’s legal tender and have come under increasing scrutiny and disapproval.

According to the law, spraying money at events is expressly prohibited, with penalties ranging from imprisonment to hefty fines, or a combination of both.


The implementation of this law is as seen in the recent arrest of popular crossdresser, Bobrisky for naira abuse and his sentencing to six months in prison after being found guilty of the offence.

With the conviction of Bobrisky and the increased awareness of the legislation, many are now considering alternatives to the age-old tradition of money spraying.

Here are some of the safe alternatives you could explore:

Alternative ways to spraying money in parties

Digital Transactions

In this digital age dominated by online banking and electronic payments, leveraging these technologies presents a viable alternative to traditional cash-based transactions.


Embracing digital transactions not only sidesteps the risk of defacing naira notes during festivities but also offers convenience and efficiency.

With a plethora of mobile banking apps, online payment platforms, and digital wallets readily available, transferring monetary gifts or contributing to event expenses has never been simpler. Whether it’s sending a gift to the celebrant or chipping in for party costs, digital transactions provide a seamless solution.

Non-monetary gifts

Offering non-monetary gifts as a substitute for the traditional practice of spraying cash at parties is another meaningful alternative to consider. Guests can show their support for the party host by presenting items that hold sentimental or practical value, rather than simply contributing money.

These gifts can range from personalized or handmade creations to carefully selected items that reflect the interests and preferences of the celebrant. Whether it’s a custom-made piece of artwork, a handcrafted keepsake, or a thoughtful gift that speaks to the recipient’s passions, non-monetary gifts carry a unique charm and thoughtfulness that transcends mere monetary value.


Introducing redeemable vouchers as an alternative to traditional cash gifting adds a layer of flexibility and personalization to the party experience.


Rather than presenting or spraying physical cash, hosts can offer a selection of gift vouchers with predetermined monetary value. Guests have the option to purchase these vouchers using cash and then present them as gifts to the celebrant.



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