Chinyere Awuda: Family of Lady Beaten to Death in a Clubhouse Cries Out Over Alleged Police Complicity


Family of Seeks Thorough Investigation into Alleged Clubhouse Murder: Calls for Justice and Accountability.


The family of Miss Chinyere Awuda, the woman who was reportedly fatally assaulted at a club in Awka, Anambra State, has formally requested the state Commissioner of Police, Aderemi Adeoye, to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the circumstances surrounding her death.


How Chinyere Awuda died?


According to reports, Chinyere Awuda was attacked by fellow club-goers when she attempted to pick up money that was being sprayed on a celebrant at Cosmila Hotel. Her body was allegedly dumped in an abandoned pool.



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Represented by Rigota Chambers, the family, led by her father, Mr. Patrick Awuda, has raised allegations of a potential cover-up involving the celebrant, the hotel management, and some police officers. They claim that the investigating police officer at the ‘B’ Division, where the case is being handled, has been pressuring them to accept a settlement instead of acknowledging that their daughter was brutally murdered and her body discarded in the pool.


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The hotel has put forward its version of events, suggesting that Chinyere Awuda stole from the celebrants and accidentally fell into the abandoned pool, leading to her drowning. However, the family disputes this account, asserting that she had visible injuries on her body when she was retrieved from the pool and that the police prevented them from documenting these bruises with photographs.



The family’s lawyers, in their petition, have expressed concerns about the lack of comprehensive CCTV footage from both inside and outside the club, where the attack allegedly took place, and where the murder occurred. They have also criticized the efforts of the investigating officer, the suspects, and the hotel management for attempting to persuade the family into reaching a settlement before the investigation is concluded.


Chinyere Awuda

Photo of slain Anambra lady, Chinyere Awuda.


In light of these developments, the family urges the Commissioner of Police to intervene and ensure a thorough investigation into the crime and the suspects involved.



They also request the sealing of the crime scene until the investigation is complete, in the interest of public conscience. Additionally, they call for the arrest, detention, and prosecution of all other suspects captured in the existing CCTV footage, with the aim of preventing similar acts of violence in the future.


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