Cut All The Expenses Of Every Aspect Of The Government By 60% – Obi Tells FG

Peter Obi

Peter Advocates Deeper Cost-Cutting Measures Following 60% Cut in Federal Official Entourages

In response to the ’s recent announcement of a 60% cut in the size of official entourages during travels, Peter Obi, the 2023 presidential candidate of the , has called for more comprehensive measures to address ’s economic challenges.

Obi acknowledged the positive step taken by the government but expressed concerns about the limited impact of the announced cut. In a series of tweets, he emphasized that while reducing the size of entourages is commendable, what is needed is a more significant reduction in federal official overseas trips, along with a 60% cut in the overall cost of governance at the federal level.


“The recently passed federal budget needs to be revised to cut all wasteful and unnecessary items,” Obi asserted. He believes that such substantial cost-cutting measures are essential to meaningfully impact the economy, leading to savings that can be directed towards funding productive sectors, education, healthcare, and poverty alleviation initiatives.

Highlighting the need for transparency, Obi insisted that the government should provide detailed information on how much the announced measures will save and where those savings will be allocated. He stressed that the nation requires more than token gestures and populist announcements, urging a shift towards informed, strategic decision-making.

In a pointed critique of the government’s borrowing practices, Obi stated, “For a government that has made a hobby of indiscriminate borrowing, the only way to salvage the economy is to drastically cut the cost of government by reducing wasteful expenses and spending on inessential luxury items.”


As Nigeria grapples with economic challenges, Peter Obi’s call for a comprehensive and transparent approach to cost-cutting resonates, highlighting the importance of addressing the root causes of financial strain and redirecting resources towards impactful initiatives.




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