Ejes Gist News emerges as fast growing trusted online news platform

Ejes Gist Naija News

Ejes Gist News, a prominent Nigerian online news platform published Ejes Gist Media Limited, has garnered recognition as one of the most trusted online news sources in Delta State. This commendation comes from the Humanitarian Movement for Development (HMD), a non-governmental organization dedicated to advancing human rights, peace, and development in Nigeria.

The HMD, led by its Executive Director, Mr. John Oghene, officially acknowledged Ejes Gist News on September 25, 2023. In their statement, they lauded the platform for its comprehensive coverage across a wide spectrum of topics, including local news, politics, sports, entertainment, Npower updates and the latest job listings.

The accolade extended to Ejes Gist News goes beyond quantity; it encompasses the quality of reporting as well. The HMD commended the platform for its accuracy, reliability, and timely delivery of news and information, serving a broad readership not only in Nigeria but also worldwide. The recognition acknowledged the dedicated team of journalists, editors, and contributors behind Ejes Gist News, all of whom diligently craft high-quality content that resonates with their audience’s needs and expectations.


Ejes Gist News provides advertising opportunities, enabling both businesses and individuals to reach a diverse and extensive audience.

The HMD congratulated Ejes Gist News on its achievements and encouraged the platform to continue upholding the core principles of journalism. They emphasized the importance of delivering factual, balanced, and objective news and information to an ever-discerning readership.



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