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How A Patient Slapped Me While Working As Caregiver In Canada – Nollywood Actress, Lola Alao Reveals

Actress, Lola Alao
Actress, Lola Alao

“Lola Alao, a Nollywood actress, has recounted her ordeal as a caregiver in Canada. Alao, popular in the Yoruba film industry, spoke about her relocation in an interview with her colleague, Kunle Afod.

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She revealed that she was once slapped by a dementia patient while caring for an elderly person, which led her to quit her job and open a clothing business.



Alao advised people to acquire a skill before relocating abroad. I always advise people looking to relocate to learn a skill like fashion designing, hairdressing, or cooking. When I first came to Canada, I had to learn a course to become a caregiver. So, I attended school for a year. While caring for an elderly woman, she slapped me,” she said.

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“I had bathed and clothed her, and she had dementia. She complained about her earring, so when I went to check on her, she gave me a hard slap, and I began to cry. The nurses nearby came to us after hearing the commotion, and that was the day I decided I wasn’t doing that anymore.”



Alao continued, “Then I decided to open a boutique and my lounge, LA Lounge, in two locations. However, I later left the store and started selling from home. Now, I plan to get a new store for my boutique.”


Before venturing into acting with the Nigerian television program ‘Ripples’, Alao was an air hostess. Since then, she has starred in several movies, including ‘Alaanu Mi’, ‘Dokita Alabere’, ‘Ewe Koko’, and ‘Gbokogboko’.



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