How to Successfully Bid for NGO Contracts in Nigeria


How To Bid For In Nigeria.

Securing contracts from NGOs and international organizations in Nigeria can be a daunting task, requiring determination and savvy navigation of a competitive landscape. However, the challenges of this process should not deter you, given the multitude of opportunities available with fewer obstacles, especially in the realm of NGO bids and international body contracts.

Numerous international and local non-governmental organizations (NGOs), international entities, and foreign embassies in Nigeria regularly seek contractors and providers of goods and services.


Preparations Before Pursuing Contracts in Nigeria

Before you embark on the journey of seeking contracts, there are crucial steps to take, with the most important being firm registration. Unregistered entities are often barred from bidding, particularly when it comes to government contracts.

Positioning Yourself for International Tenders and NGO Contracts


To facilitate your access to tenders and contracts from NGOs and major international agencies in Nigeria, consider the following key strategies:

  1. Establish a Credible Profile or Brand Identity: The importance of a reputable brand cannot be overstated. It’s essential that your track record is clean for agencies to consider your bids. It’s important to emphasize that prioritizing money over building your firm’s reputation is a mistake. Emerging entrepreneurs lacking a significant track record can gain experience by volunteering their services for free or at a modest cost to build a portfolio they can showcase.
  2. Stay Informed and Research Potential Organizations: Lack of information can be a significant barrier to accessing contracts and tenders. To address this issue, provides a dedicated portal where bids and contracts from top NGOs and international organizations are regularly published.
  3. Submit Requests for Proposals (RFPs): After researching organizations, send out multiple Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and learn about the types of contracts they typically offer.
  4. Leverage the Internet: In our digital age, the internet’s role and significance cannot be overstated. Use it to identify organizations with RFPs and reach out to their procurement departments.
  5. Submit Contract Bids: Upon receiving a Request for Proposal (RFP), thoroughly review the terms and conditions to understand each firm’s specific requirements. Failing to do so can lead to disqualification. Regardless of your role, whether as a principal contractor (large businesses) or a subcontractor (local independent contractors), your firm must be officially registered in the country.

Eligibility Requirements for Bidding in Nigeria


To be eligible for bidding on contracts in Nigeria, you typically need to provide:

  • Proof of registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission
  • Proof of updated Annual Returns
  • Current Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC) for the last three (3) years
  • VAT Registration Certificate
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  • Signed Audited Accounts of the Bidding Company for the last three (3) years
  • Proof of financial capability (Statement of Account or Turnover) and a reference letter from a reputable bank
  • A letter authorizing the Authority or her representative(s) to conduct Due Diligence on all documents submitted by the company to verify their authenticity
  • Proof of partnership with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) for equipment supply

To enhance your chances of securing more contracts and tenders from NGOs and international agencies, consider the following additional steps:

  • Prepare Proposals: Ensure your proposals align with the organization’s objectives. Make your model feasible and convincing during the presentation. You might consider using the SMART technique.
  • Bid Defense: If invited, effectively defend your bid.
  • Costing: Carefully calculate your costs, ensuring they are accurate. It’s crucial to account for overhead costs and profit margins. Successfully executing the contract is vital for future opportunities.

Bidding for NGO contracts in Nigeria can be challenging, but with the right strategies and preparation, you can increase your chances of success and tap into the wealth of opportunities available.

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