Friday Ankara outfit, 5 New ways to rock them


The Five ways to rock your

Let’s take a look at some different ways we can dress in Ankara on Fridays…

Whoever suggested that traditional attire be the Friday uniform was correct. It’s an unspoken rule in Nigeria, but we wear traditional clothing on Fridays and rock it as artistically and casually as we can.



As a result, we see people wearing lovely traditional attire to their various workplaces.

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Here are some suggestions for going native on Friday:

Use bright colours for your 1

Friday Ankara outfit
You can’t go wrong with a splash of colour in your traditional attire, especially if it’s in the right shade and complements your skin tone. Men can wear bold colours such as pink, while women can mix and match.

Dress down

Friday Ankara outfit

Aside from your overall appearance as a native, the right footwear can make you appear casual and effortless. Sandals are a great option for this. Ladies can pair them with a wedge, basic flats, or loafers, and men can pair them with loafers.

Choosing the asoebi


Turn your Friday into an Owambe Saturday by slaying with a coworker.

How to Set it up right now 

Allow yourself plenty of time. Wear your Friday dress to church and don’t be shy about it; it’ll turn heads at the office.

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Photo showing

Friday Ankara outfit

To have Have the best of both worlds

You can mix English and traditional elements to make things more interesting. Maybe the jeans, jacket, or shirt are classic, or vice versa. This look can also be achieved by wearing jeans and sneakers.

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Photo showing Friday Ankara outfit

Friday Ankara outfit

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