IPOB Prohibits Independence Day Celebrations in Southeast


IPOB Prohibits Independence Day Celebrations in Southeast, Cites Upcoming Biafran Independence

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has officially banned Independence Day celebrations in the Southeast region of Nigeria. The separatist group has issued a stern warning to school principals, cautioning them against mobilizing students for the October 1st Independence Day festivities.

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IPOB’s spokesman, Emma Powerful, delivered this directive, emphasizing that school principals who facilitate student participation in the October 1st celebration would bear the consequences. This move underscores IPOB’s continuous push for the eventual realization of Biafran independence.

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In a statement, Powerful also urged market traders and vendors to carry on with their daily activities without engaging in any form of celebration related to Nigeria’s Independence Day. He further declared that the independence of Biafra is on the horizon and will be celebrated throughout the Southeast.


Powerful’s statement conveyed, “No school principal or head should mobilize Biafran children to celebrate the evil Nigeria Independence on October 1st, or they will have themselves to blame. Every Biafran is expected to stay at home and refresh themselves or go about their daily business on October 1st, 2023.

He also made it clear that the display of Nigerian flags within territory is strictly prohibited on that day. Residents who wish to conduct their daily affairs, including visiting the market or conducting business, are encouraged to do so without fear of molestation, as long as it does not involve celebrating Nigeria’s Independence.


Powerful concluded by reaffirming IPOB’s commitment to achieving Biafran independence through a referendum and diplomatic efforts. He emphasized that the struggle for Biafra’s exit from Nigeria is a matter of survival and called on all Biafrans and their supporters worldwide to rally behind this cause.

He stated passionately, “Our own Biafra Independence is fast approaching, and nobody can stop it. Every Biafran and lover of Biafrans globally will witness it and celebrate with us.”

As this development unfolds, it adds a new dimension to the ongoing debate over the quest for Biafran independence and the complexities of Nigeria’s political landscape.

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