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Patricia Goodson Unveils the Secrets of St. Joan of Arc Chapel in 60-Second Marquette Documentary

Patricia Goodson

Meet Patricia Goodson, the Face of St. Joan of Arc Chapel in 60-Second Marquette Documentary”

Patricia Goodson: The Heart of St. Joan of Arc Chapel”

“Get to know Patricia Goodson, the dedicated St. Joan of Arc Chapel Guide who has been sharing the history and stories of the iconic chapel with the Marquette community and visitors since 1988. In the latest installment of the 60-second Marquette documentary video series, Goodson’s passion and expertise shine through as she brings the chapel’s rich history to life.

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The 60-second Marquette series, produced by the Office of University Relations, showcases the fascinating people and stories that make Marquette University so unique. From inspiring alumni to groundbreaking research projects, each documentary tells a compelling story in just 60 seconds or less.

Share Your Marquette Story: Submit Ideas for Future Documentaries”

If you have an idea for a visually interesting person, research project, or story affiliated with Marquette that could be the subject of an upcoming 60-second Marquette video documentary, please email Lauren Burke, Director of Video in the Office of University Relations. Share your Marquette story and inspire others!”

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