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Joyful Graduation Celebration for Ashabi Simple, Actress and Partner of Portable


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Nigerian actress, , widely recognized as ’s partner, recently achieved a significant milestone as she graduated from university.

The news of her academic success was met with jubilation, the actress took to her Instagram to share the joyous moment.

In a heartwarming display, she danced and celebrated, accompanied by her son who donned matching attire for the special occasion.

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The festivities included capturing precious moments with her son, where they posed for pictures together. Ashabi proudly showcased a medium-sized cake and various gifts she received in celebration of her graduation.

Despite Portable being abroad, he made sure to extend his congratulations by calling Ashabi, who reciprocated with blowing him a kiss over the phone.


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The graduation marks a proud moment for Ashabi, highlighting not only her success but also the support and love from her family, especially Portable.

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