Lagos Is Own By White Men, Seun Kuti Reveals


Renowned Afrobeat artist, Seun Kuti, recently stirred controversy with his bold assertion that “Lagos is a white man’s land.”

In a candid Instagram live session with fans, Kuti challenged the prevailing narrative of Nigerian ethnic groups claiming ownership of Lagos, insisting that the true proprietors are foreigners who dominate the city’s real estate and wealth.

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The son of the late Afrobeat pioneer, Fela Kuti, lamented the perceived economic control wielded by “foreigners” over Lagos and, by extension, the entire Nigerian populace.

He urged people to scrutinize the ownership dynamics at the Ministry of Land in Lagos, emphasizing that a significant portion of the city’s land is in the hands of non-indigenous individuals.

Kuti pointed to iconic landmarks such as Eko Hotel and Eko Atlantic, asserting that these prime real estate holdings are owned by foreigners.


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In his impassioned revelation, he questioned the prevailing notions of Lagos belonging exclusively to certain ethnic groups and shed light on the subtle dominance exerted by external forces.


Seun Kuti Words:

“Why are you guys shouting, ‘Lagos is Igbo land, Lagos is Yoruba land?’ Lagos is a white man’s land. Go to the Ministry of Land in Lagos and see how many percent of land in Lagos Yoruba people own.

“The whole of Nigeria, look at your oil industry, who controls it? It’s the whites. They hide it in plain sight. Eko Hotel, is the most expensive real estate in the whole of Lagos, who owns it? Is it you? Now, Eko Atlantic is an extension of Eko Hotel, owned by the same foreigners.”

Seun Kuti, the youngest son of Fela Kuti, exhibited a passion for music from a tender age, joining his father’s band, Egypt 80, at just five years old. Following Fela Kuti’s demise in 1997, Seun Kuti assumed leadership of Egypt 80, releasing the debut album ‘Many Things’ in 2008 under the moniker Seun Kuti & Egypt 80.


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As his statements reverberate, Kuti’s perspective adds a thought-provoking layer to the discourse on the cultural and economic landscape of Lagos.

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