Lyta Begs Olamide Publicly


Lyta, the Nigerian artist also known as Opeyemi Rahim, has publicly expressed his desire to reunite with his former record label, YBNL Nation, owned by Olamide Baddo.

Speaking on the Ginger Yourself Podcast, Lyta clarified that his departure from YBNL was not intentional. He revealed that he hadn’t heard from Olamide before leaving, and after his departure, communication was scarce.

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However, he mentioned reaching out to Olamide on Instagram, receiving a response, although Olamide doesn’t follow anyone on the platform.

In a 2019 interview, Lyta had discussed his purported break from YBNL, while Olamide, in a separate interview, stated that Lyta wanted to leave after claiming to attract another record label.

This move by Lyta garnered criticism from music fans who viewed him as a promising rapper abandoned by Olamide.


In a 2022 interview, Lyta explained that he left YBNL Nation due to hearing various things from friends and industry people, leading to confusion. He expressed making efforts to return, seeking support from others, but Olamide remained unresponsive.

Lyta Words:

I want to be back with YBNL. What I did back then [leaving YBNL Nation] wasn’t intentional. I didn’t hear from Olamide before leaving and after I left, he just locked up.

“But I’ve spoken to him since leaving. I chatted with him via Instagram on his birthday and he responded.”
He added that he “didn’t know who or what to believe and some people eventually got into my head.”

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This public plea for reconciliation adds a new chapter to the story of Lyta and YBNL Nation, shedding light on the challenges and miscommunication that led to the artist’s departure and his earnest desire to return to the fold.



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