Lagos State Civil Servants Welcome Change: From 5 to 3 Workdays


Lagos State Unveils Game-Changing Workweek: A New Dawn for Civil Servants

Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, announced that the state government is finalizing plans to introduce a flexible workweek for its employees. During a media chat with journalists on Thursday in Lagos, the governor outlined the new arrangement.

Civil servants from level 1 to 14 will work from their offices for only three days a week. Additionally, employees on levels 15 to 17 are expected to report to their offices four times a week, reflecting a tailored approach to different grade levels within the civil service.


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This policy adjustment aims to revolutionize the work environment for public sector workers in Nigeria’s commercial hub, striving to improve productivity and work satisfaction among the state’s workforce.

The decision to embrace a more flexible work schedule showcases the Lagos State Government’s commitment to innovative work practices that accommodate the diverse needs of its employees.


By reducing the number of days employees are required to be physically present at the office, the state government anticipates various benefits, including reduced traffic congestion, lower commuting costs for workers, and a more relaxed work atmosphere.

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The Governor stated, “From next week, civil servants from level 1 to 14 will come to the office a maximum of three times a week. It will be calendarized and scheduled, ensuring the continuity of all forms of government operations. Those on levels 15 to 17 will miss work for one day.”

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