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Latest Prices Of Goats In Nigeria

Prices Of Goats In Nigeria

Navigating the Prices Of Goats In Nigeria Market: A Comprehensive Guide to Goat Prices in Nigeria 2023.


For those deeply entrenched in the restaurant business, dishing out delicacies like “isi ewu,” goat meat pepper soup, and the ever-popular “asun,” understanding the current goat prices in Nigeria is paramount. Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or an aspiring goat farmer, the intricate details of goat pricing across different regions in Nigeria are crucial for informed decisions. Read on as Nigerian Guide provides an in-depth breakdown of the factors influencing goat prices and the diverse breeds available.


Factors Influencing Goat Prices in Nigeria Today

Understanding the variables affecting goat prices is vital for any savvy entrepreneur. The key factors include:

  1. Goat Breed: The type of goat, whether local or foreign, significantly impacts pricing.
  2. Size and Height: The physical attributes of the goat play a crucial role in determining its price.
  3. Geopolitical Location: Whether in the northern or southern region, the location of purchase influences costs.
  4. Seasonal Demand: Prices can fluctuate based on whether it’s during the festive season or not.

Diverse Goat Breeds in Nigeria Today

Local Breeds

1. Red Sokoto Goats (Maradi Goats): Common in the north, known for their red or black coats, mainly reared for milk.

2. Sahelian Goats: Nomadically reared in the northern regions, characterized by long legs, narrow bodies, and shallow chests, sold during festivities.


3. West African Dwarf Goats: Thriving in the south, ideal for milk and meat production, known for their high fertility.

4. Pygmy Goats: Resembling West African Dwarf goats, they are hardy, surviving harsh conditions, primarily reared for meat.

Foreign/Exotic Breeds

1. Boer Goats: High fertility, mainly reared for meat production, suitable for Nigerian conditions.

2. Alpine Goats: Known for milk production, strong with high fertility rates, requiring ample food and water.

3. Anglo-Nubian Goats: Exhibiting strength, available in various colours, reared for meat, milk, and skin.


Current Prices of Goats in Nigeria 2023

As of 2023, Prices Of Goats In Nigeria vary across regions:

  • Northern Nigeria (e.g., Niger, Kaduna, Kano): ₦45,000 – ₦85,000, influenced by size.
  • Southern Nigeria (e.g., Ibadan, Lagos, Port Harcourt): ₦55,000 – ₦95,000 or more, reflecting demand and size.

Keep in mind that these prices are subject to change based on market dynamics.

Conclusion on Prices Of Goats In Nigeria

Navigating the goat market in Nigeria demands a keen understanding of the factors affecting prices and the diverse breeds available. Whether you’re a restaurateur or a budding goat farmer, staying informed is key to success.

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