Meet Nigerian actor, Sam Dede and his Lookalike American Actor Ving Rhames, see similarities

Sam Dede and Ving Rhames

Sam Dede and his Lookalike American Actor Ving Rhames


It is not difficult to notice anything striking amongst the two actors; it almost catches you by surprise.



Sam Dede (on the left; see picture below) is one of the wealthiest and most influential actors in Nigeria.



He is a veteran Nigerian actor, director, politician, and professor.


Ving Rhames, on the other hand, was born and raised in Harlem, New York City.


He is best known for his starring role in the Mission: Impossible film series as IMF Agent Luther Stickell.


Sam Dede and Ving Rhames

Despite the fact that these two distinguished gentlemen reside in different countries and are completely dissimilar to one another, they share a surprising number of facial and physical characteristics (such as the shape of their nose, head, and eyes).


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This has led people to believe that we have a look-alike somewhere unknown to us.



Facts about Sam Dede and his Lookalike Ving Rhames; Acting and Awards


Sam Dede

Samuel Dedetoku is more commonly known by his stage name, Sam Dede.


He entered the Nollywood industry in 1995, and his role in the film Ijele brought him to prominence. The 2004 film The Mayors earned Dede the 2005 Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for his performance.


He was awarded the 2014 SVAFF Special Recognition Award for his lifetime achievements and contributions to the Nigerian film industry. In 2018, he was nominated for the Africa Movie Academy Award for Leading Actor for his performance in the 2017 film In My Country.



He served briefly as the Director-General of the Rivers State Tourism Development Agency after being appointed to the position in 2012. In addition, he teaches acting at the University of Port Harcourt to aspiring actors.



Yul Edochie, one of his former students, went on to become a leading actor in Nollywood.He stated in 2012, however, that he would not abandon acting for politics.



In 1984, Rhames made his Broadway debut in the play The Boys of Winter. He made his film debut as Leroy in Wes Craven’s The People Under the Stairs (1991), supervised Kevin Kline in Dave (1993) as Secret Service agent Duane Stevensen, and portrayed Marsellus Wallace in Pulp Fiction (1994). He also played George Clooney’s friend in the 1998 film Out of Sight.


For three seasons, Rhames portrayed Dr. Peter Benton’s brother-in-law on the television medical drama ER. In the 1996 film Mission: Impossible by Brian De Palma, he portrayed the master hacker Luther Stickell opposite Tom Cruise. In 1997, Rhames portrayed Nathan ‘Diamond Dog’ Jones in Con Air and Muki in Ice Cube’s Dangerous Ground.


In 1998, Rhames won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Miniseries or Television Film for his performance in HBO’s Don King: Only in America. During the ceremony, he presented his award to fellow nominee Jack Lemmon, saying, “I believe that being an artist is about giving, and I would like to give you this.” Lemmon was visibly moved by the gesture, as was the audience of celebrities who gave him a standing ovation. Lemmon, who attempted unsuccessfully to return the award to Rhames, described the incident as “one of the nicest, sweetest moments I’ve ever experienced.” The Hollywood Foreign Press Association later announced that a duplicate award would be prepared for Rhames. This moment ranked 98th on E!’s list of 101 Amazing Moments in Entertainment. The New York Times praised Rhames for the act, stating that he “demonstrated his capacity for abundant generosity.”


Rhames portrayed the wisecracking bodyguard Shad in Striptease (1996), the Jesus-praising paramedic Marcus in Bringing Out the Dead (1999), and Luther Stickell in Mission: Impossible 2 (2000). He portrayed Johnnie Cochran in American Tragedy (2000), Jodie’s mother’s ex-con boyfriend in the John Singleton film Baby Boy, a gay drag queen in the television film Holiday Heart, Cobra Bubbles in Lilo & Stitch (2002) and the subsequent TV series, and a stoic cop fighting zombies in the Dawn of the Dead (2004) and Day of the Dead (2008) remakes. Rhames has also appeared in a number of RadioShack television commercials, usually alongside Vanessa L. Williams.


In March 2005, Rhames starred in a new Kojak series on the cable channel USA Network (and ITV4 in the United Kingdom). The bald head, lollipops, and “Who loves you, baby?” catchphrase remained from the Telly Savalas-starring original, but little else did.


Tobias Jones’s voice was provided by Rhames in the computer game Driver 3.


Rhames reprised his Luther Stickell role in Mission: Impossible III (2006), made a cameo appearance in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011), and starred in the fifth and sixth installments of the Mission Impossible film series, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015) and Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018), respectively.Besides Tom Cruise, he is the only other actor to have appeared in all six Mission: Impossible films. It was announced that he would play a part in the Aquaman-based television series Mercy Reef; however, due to the merger of The WB and UPN into the CW network, the series was not picked up. In I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, Rhames played a homosexual and possibly also homicidal firefighter who comes out of the closet. He narrates the American Gangster television series on BET.


In the 2008 film Saving God, he portrayed an ex-convict who is released from prison a changed man and seeks to take over his father’s former church congregation in a declining neighbourhood. In both Phantom Punch, a biopic of boxer Sonny Liston released directly to DVD, and The Tournament, Rhames plays a fighter seeking to win a no-rules competition.


Rhames appears on the track “Southern Gangstas” from Ludacris’s album Theatre of the Mind. Rick Ross and Playaz Circle are also featured on the track.


With Ernie Reyes Jr., UFC lightweight contender Grey Maynard, and Randy Couture, he filmed the movie The Red Canvas. In 2010, he filed a lawsuit against the film’s producer, alleging he had been paid only $175,000 of a $200,000 contract.


He filmed a series of advertisements for The ADT Corporation in 2015.


Rhames is one of the UFC’s narrators.


In February 2017, Rhames narrated the team introductions for the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons at Super Bowl LI.


Since 2014, Rhames has narrated numerous Arby’s advertisements with the slogan “Arby’s: We have the meats!”


3 things Sam Dede and Ving Rhames, the American actor have in common

Ving Rhames, born in 1959 is older than Sam Dede, born in 1965, but the two share three characteristics. They are listed below:


1) Resemblance

Looking at both of them, it is evident that they are visually similar. I can confidently say that both of them are excellent candidates for the role of brothers. Sincerely, I would have enjoyed seeing them both in the same film.


2) They are both award-winning actors.

Sam Dede

If you know Sam Dede well, you will realise that he is not the type of actor who plays love interests in films. His entire being is action. He has appeared in action films such as Ijele, Bumper to Bumper, Issakaba, Mission to Nowhere, Undercover, and Ashes to Ashes, among others.

Ving Rhames

If you are a fan of American films, you must know that Ving Rhames is an action star who appears in action films. From a Hollywood perspective, he is a hitman. Similarly to Sam Dede, he has appeared in a number of blockbuster films, including Casualties of War, Homicide, Mission Impossible, Kiss of Death, Undisputed, Dawn of the Dead, etc.


3) They both appeared in films with similar titles

In 1996, Ving Rhames appeared in the evergreen blockbuster “Mission Impossible (part one)”. In 2000, the release of Part 2 occurred. Then, in 2008, Teco Benson and Nyikwagh Bat Hills co-wrote the film “Mission to Nowhere” Sam Dede played a leading role in this blockbuster film. If you compare these two titles, you will find that they are contextually related.




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