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Naira crashes against Dollar amid CBN intervention

Dollar to Naira black market exchange rate today

The dollar to naira exchange rate crashed today despite CBN’s intervention.

The Nigerian Naira has faced another blow in the foreign exchange market, as the dollar to naira black market exchange rate plummeted from ₦1100 to ₦1135. This significant dip, despite concerted efforts by the newly appointed Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) governor to defend the naira, raises concerns about the currency’s stability.

The Nigerian economy has been grappling with forex challenges, and the recent crash in the black market exchange rate underscores the complexities faced by policymakers. Despite the central bank’s efforts to maintain a stable exchange rate, external factors seem to be exerting pressure on the naira.


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The current exchange rate of 1135 naira to a dollar reflects a setback in the recent progress made by the CBN to keep the exchange rate within a certain range. It’s worth noting that the black market often reacts to various factors, including market speculation, supply and demand dynamics, and global economic trends.

The central bank’s role in defending the naira involves implementing policies to regulate the foreign exchange market, control inflation, and ensure economic stability. The recent depreciation suggests that external forces may be overpowering these measures, requiring a reassessment of current strategies.


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Market analysts are closely watching the situation, examining both domestic and international factors that could be influencing the naira’s performance. In a global economy where currencies are interconnected, events beyond Nigeria’s borders can have profound effects on local currencies.

It remains to be seen how the CBN will respond to this latest challenge. The delicate balancing act of defending the naira while promoting economic growth is an ongoing task for financial authorities. As the situation unfolds, businesses, investors, and the general public will be keenly observing any developments that could impact the economic landscape.

While this dip in the black market exchange rate is concerning, it also highlights the need for a comprehensive and adaptable strategy to navigate the complexities of the forex market. The resilience of the naira will depend on the effectiveness of policies implemented and the ability to respond to evolving economic conditions.

As we await further updates on this currency saga, one thing is certain – the dynamics of the foreign exchange market will continue to play a crucial role in shaping Nigeria’s economic trajectory in the months to come.



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