Nigerian senator salary and allowances 2023: Unraveling the New Lavish Packages


Inside the Lavish World of Nigerian Senators: Unraveling and allowances.


The Nigerian political landscape has long been a subject of scrutiny, particularly when it comes to the remuneration of its elected officials. Among them, senators are often under the spotlight due to the significant perks and allowances they receive.


In this report, Ejes Gist News Nigeria delve into the details of a Nigerian Senator salary and various allowances, shining a light on the financial aspects of their positions.



It is very important to note that the salary of a Nigerian senator is made up of two components: a basic salary and a number of allowances.


Nigerian senator salary and allowances 2023


1. Basic Salary:

A is an eye-catching N2,484,245.50. This amount serves as the foundation upon which several other allowances are calculated, making it a substantial starting point.


2. Hardship Allowance:

In addition to the basic salary, senators receive a hardship allowance, which is equivalent to 50% of their basic salary. For a senator, this translates to a significant N1,242,122.70, aimed at compensating for the challenging conditions they might face while serving in public office.



3.  Constituency Allowance:

Apart  from Nigerian senator salary, they also enjoy a constituency allowance that amounts to a staggering 200% of their basic salary. At N4,968,509.00, this allowance is intended to support senators in addressing the needs and concerns of their constituents.


4.  Furniture Allowance:

Another noteworthy Nigerian senator salary and allowance provided to senators is the furniture allowance, which is equal to 300% of their basic salary. This allowance, totaling N7,452,736.50, enables senators to furnish their offices and residences in a befitting manner.



5.  Newspaper Allowance:

To stay informed about current affairs and national developments, senators receive a newspaper allowance amounting to N1,242,122.70, giving them access to various newspapers and publications.



6.  Wardrobe Allowance:

A wardrobe allowance of 20% of their basic salary is given to senators in Nigeria, totaling N621,061.37, to maintain a professional and presentable appearance in their official capacities.


7. Nigerian Senator Recess Allowance:

During recess periods, senators receive a 20% allowance based on their basic salary, which amounts to N240,424.55. This allowance helps them manage their expenses when they are not actively participating in legislative sessions.


Nigerian senator salary and allowances 2023

8. :

To cater to their accommodation needs, senators are entitled to a 30% allowance based on their basic salary. This allowance reaches a substantial sum of N4,968,500.00, providing them with comfortable living arrangements.



9. Utilities Allowance:

To cover utilities expenses, senators receive an allowance equivalent to 30% of their basic salary, amounting to N828,081.83.


10. Entertainment Allowance:

Senators are also allotted a 30% allowance based on their basic salary to cover entertainment expenses, totaling N828,081.83.



11.  Personal Assistant Allowance:

To assist them in their parliamentary duties, senators receive a personal assistant allowance equivalent to 25% of their basic salary, totaling N621,061.37.


12.  Vehicle Maintenance Allowance:

With the aim of maintaining their official vehicles, senators receive a vehicle maintenance allowance equal to 75% of their basic salary, amounting to N1,863,164.10.


13. :

During their leave periods, senators are granted an allowance of 10% of their basic salary, totaling N248,424.55.



14.  Severance Gratuity:

Upon the conclusion of their tenure, senators receive a severance gratuity equivalent to 100% of their basic salary, reaching a substantial sum of N1,863,184.12.


15. :

In a significant perk, senators receive a motor vehicle allowance equal to 400% of their basic salary. This impressive allowance amounts to N9,936,982.00, enabling them to acquire luxurious vehicles for their official use.



How much do Nigerian senators earn?

The total monthly salary and allowances of a Nigerian senator is approximately N29.5 million naira. This makes them one of the highest-paid lawmakers in the world.



The Nigerian senator salary and allowances 2023 paint a picture of a generous remuneration package.

Please be aware that the information is based on the current salary structure for senators in Nigeria. However, it is essential to consider that this salary structure is subject to change, and there is a possibility of senators’ salaries being increased in the future.



[accordions title=”Nigerian Senator Salary”]
[accordion title=”Nigerian senator total pay” load=”show”]A Senator in Nigeria earns over 29.5 million naira monthly.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”How much do Nigerian senators earn? ” load=”hide”]Nigerian Senator earn a basic salary of 2.5 millionaire monthly [/accordion]

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  1. It’s a lie, some of the items listed are not even annual let alone monthly. While I don’t agree with the true figure which is substantially lower, I also disagree with the deliberate falsehood of bloated figures. We need part time legislators in a Parliamentary system not this wasteful bogus Presidential System


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