Nigerians to Tinubu: Heaven will not fall if Tribunal Nullifies 2023 Presidential Election on Account of 25% FCT Votes

Asiwaju Bola Tinubu

Nigerians have taken to Twitter to express their reactions to President Bola Tinubu‘s recent statement regarding the nullification of the 2023 Presidential Election based on the absence of the required 25% votes from the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).


In response to Tinubu’s assertion that such an outcome could lead to chaos and anarchy, many Nigerians have countered by stating that heaven will not fall if the tribunal decides to nullify the election on these grounds.



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The sentiment among Nigerians on social media is one of resilience and a firm belief in the principles of democracy. They argue that the electoral process should be upheld and that no individual, regardless of their stature or political influence, should be exempt from meeting the constitutional requirements for a valid election. By emphasizing that heaven will not fall, Nigerians are essentially expressing their confidence in the stability and resilience of their nation, emphasizing that the integrity of the electoral system should take precedence over any potential consequences.


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The statement reflects the collective sentiment of Nigerians who demand accountability and fair play in their democratic processes. They assert that no individual should be above the law or immune from scrutiny, regardless of their political prominence. By stressing that the nullification of the presidential election based on the lack of 25% FCT votes would not lead to catastrophic outcomes, Nigerians are calling for a transparent and just resolution to the electoral dispute.



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Nigerians on Twitter are using this opportunity to highlight the importance of upholding democratic values, promoting equal treatment under the law, and ensuring that electoral processes are conducted in accordance with established constitutional requirements.



The discussions surrounding this issue demonstrate the active engagement of Nigerians in shaping the future of their country, advocating for accountability, and safeguarding the integrity of their democratic institutions.



See reactions below;

Mayor : Even If Heaven Falls sef, shebi Chief Rigger of Rivers State say, we should be happy heaven came down in our time.



Idan Amani : E be like say Tinubu and is lawyers dey mad together. I saw the caption on Gazette News. That statement is Treason offence already. Them go remove Tinubu heaven will not fall. The man think everything should revolve around himself alone. Him dey mad.

D|O|Tribrid : Even if heaven wants to fall. Let it fall In our time and so we can witness it oga must go period.



Jim Franklyn : The only thing that will cause Chaos /Anarchy is if the court fail to do the right thing by giving back the mandate to the rightful owner.


Tinubu is making treasonable &felony utterance & no body is cautioning him, do not say otherwise when PO or LP members say the same thing.



David George: Justice is blind it doesn’t know president nor ordinary citizens, it does know relatives or friends. Justice looks on the facts of the matter weigh in the facts and presents its judgment. It’s hope of the common man


Awo: Make Heaven fall, na wetin sef.?!




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