Niger’s Military Junta Closes Airspace Amid Tensions After ECOWAS Deadline Expires

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Nigerian Army

In the wake of political turmoil and escalating tensions, the military in , which ousted Bazoum, has taken a drastic step by closing the country’s .

The closure was announced as a response to the expiration of the deadline set by the West African bloc, , for the junta to relinquish power and restore democracy by reinstating the democratically elected .

The closure of the airspace, which took effect immediately, has been accompanied by a stern warning from the junta. They stated that any attempt to violate the airspace closure would be met with an “energetic and immediate response.”


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This move comes amidst growing concerns over potential military intervention from the West African regional bloc, as tensions rise following the junta’s refusal to comply with the deadline.

The situation in Niger has drawn international attention and concern. ECOWAS had previously demanded the swift return of power to President Bazoum, who was democratically elected to lead the country.


However, with the deadline expired and no sign of compliance from the military junta, the situation has become increasingly fraught with uncertainty.

Prior to the airspace closure, thousands of junta supporters congregated at a stadium in Niamey, the capital, showing unwavering support for the military’s decision not to bow to external pressure.


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It remains unclear how the situation will unfold, and the closure of the airspace adds another layer of complexity to an already tense political climate.

As the international community closely monitors the developments in Niger, concerns are mounting about the potential consequences of further escalations. Diplomatic efforts are being urged to resolve the crisis peacefully and restore stability in the country.


The closure of the airspace and the junta’s strong warning reflect the seriousness of the current situation. The uncertainty surrounding Niger’s political future and its impact on the West African region make it a matter of great concern for nations near and far.

As events continue to unfold, the world watches closely, hoping for a peaceful resolution to the crisis and the return of democracy in Niger.


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The situation serves as a reminder of the importance of upholding democratic principles and respecting the will of the people in every nation.


The junta said in a statement


“Faced with the threat of intervention, which is becoming clearer through the preparation of neighbouring countries, Niger’s airspace is closed from this day on Sunday… for all aircraft until further notice.”






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