Patoranking Becomes Lontor Ambassador, Advocates Against Drug Abuse


Nigeria’s celebrated Afrobeats-dancehall artist, Patrick Okorie, widely known as Patoranking, has taken on a new role as the brand ambassador for Choice International Group (CIG), the manufacturer of Lontor products.


The Unveiling of Patoranking as Lontor Ambassador:

The official announcement of Patoranking’s role as the brand ambassador for Lontor transpired during the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the renowned Nigerian musician and CIG. This momentous occasion unfolded on a Monday in Lagos, signifying a significant partnership between the artist and the company.


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Patoranking’s Message To Nigeria Youths

At the heart of this partnership, Patoranking a prominent figure in Nigeria’s music industry, seized the opportunity to address Nigerian youth, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding their future by steering clear of drug abuse. He used his platform to communicate a crucial message, encouraging the younger generation to make choices that contribute to their personal development and the progress of the nation.


Patoranking’s words of wisdom extended beyond the realm of drug abuse. He urged young individuals, especially budding artists, to distance themselves from vices like corruption and other societal issues that could hinder their ability to make meaningful contributions to the development of the nation. The artist’s message carried a profound emphasis on values such as integrity, hard work, focus, perseverance, and prayer as the guiding principles for a successful career and life.

Addressing Societal Concerns through Music, Patoranking’s commitment to addressing societal issues doesn’t end with his spoken advice; it is evident in his music as well. He shared that a significant portion of his lyrical content is dedicated to confronting challenges such as corruption and injustice, with a particular focus on empowering the youth. Patoranking pledged to continue these efforts, using his music as a powerful tool to advocate for change and inspire positive actions.

The partnership between Patoranking and Lontor signifies more than just a branding alliance. It is a commitment to fostering fresh initiatives aimed at engaging and empowering the youth of Nigeria. Patoranking stressed the importance of securing the future of Nigerian youth and acknowledged the role he and Lontor would play in this mission.

As the Lontor brand ambassador, Patoranking pledged to collaborate with a brand synonymous with quality, durability, and excellence. He expressed confidence in the potential for his new role to impact the lives of many Nigerians by providing access to Lontor’s rechargeable products, which offer convenience and solutions to everyday challenges.

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In conclusion, Patoranking’s appointment as the brand ambassador for Lontor holds the promise of a brighter future for Nigerian youth. The artist’s commitment to addressing societal concerns, coupled with Lontor’s commitment to providing innovative products, creates a synergy that seeks to make life easier for Nigerians. This partnership aligns with a vision of empowerment, quality, and progress, ensuring that the next generation of Nigerian youths is well-supported and equipped for success.



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