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PDP Lawmaker Optimistic About President Tinubu Vision for Nigeria’s Renewal

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Nigerian President Bola Tinubu is in the middle of a scandal that has involved Chicago State University.

In a resounding declaration, Dan Amos, a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) member of the House of Representatives, voiced his confidence in President Tinubu potential to propel Nigeria towards greatness.

Elected to represent Jema’a/Sanga Federal Constituency in Kaduna State, Amos assured the nation that promising strides taken by President Tinubu administration signal a positive trajectory for the country.

Amos emphasized that the administration’s actions to revive the economy serve as a testament to Tinubu’s commitment to steering Nigeria back on course.


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Encouraging fellow Nigerians to rally behind President Tinubu, Amos expressed hope for the nation’s bright future, asserting that Tinubu has acclimated well to the responsibilities of his office.

Addressing PDP stakeholders in Kafanchan, Amos highlighted the inclusive nature of Tinubu’s presidency, citing the appointment of a Southern Kaduna native as the Chief of Defence Staff as evidence of the president’s goodwill towards the region.


As the chairman of the House Committee on Services, Amos pledged that the 10th Assembly remains dedicated to enacting laws directly benefiting the masses. He disclosed ongoing efforts, including motions and bills, aimed at stabilizing the country and improving the livelihoods of ordinary Nigerians.

Furthermore, Amos unveiled the federal government’s ambitious plan to establish three Federal Technical Colleges in Kaduna, with one earmarked for his constituency.

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This special project, backed by significant funding independent of regular budgets, is set to commence in January, featuring classrooms, workshops, and laboratories. Amos envisions these institutions as catalysts for technical education and economic empowerment.

In summary, Amos paints a picture of optimism and progress under President Tinubu’s leadership, anticipating a revitalized economy, inclusive governance, and advancements in education for the benefit of all Nigerians.



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