Peter Obi Highlights Reasons For Ethnic Division in Nigeria

Peter Obi

Former Anambra State Governor and the 2023 presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), Peter Obi, offered insights into the root cause of ethnic division in Nigeria, attributing it to what he termed “transactional politics.”

Obi’s remarks were made during a session organized by Parallel Facts on Sunday night.

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Addressing the pervasive issue of ethnic fragmentation, Obi acknowledged that while divisions exist in all countries, Nigeria must transition from a culture of consumption to one of production.

He emphasized the need for ato alignle’s hard work and talents with opportunities for genuine progress.

Calling for a departure from the prevalent “politics of sharing,” Obi urged politicians to foster productive economies. He envisioned a scenario where individuals could engage in mutually beneficial trade, leading to increased prosperity and a significant reduction in social strife.


My Dream Is To Make Nigeria Work- Peter Obi

Expressing his commitment to the welfare of all Nigerians, Peter Obi clarified that his aspirations extend beyond personal ambitions for the presidency. He emphasized, “I am only desperate to see the country work for all Nigerians; I am not desperate to be President.”

Highlighting the dire economic situation in Nigeria, Obi likened the country to a sinking Titanic, with only the affluent seemingly enjoying the dance, while the less privileged engage in a struggle for survival.

He underscored the potential of Africa as a continent, asserting that it has no reason to be poor, given its abundant deposits and natural resources.

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In a rallying call for transformative change, Peter Obi concluded that by harnessing Africa’s vast resources and shifting toward productive economies, the continent can overcome poverty and chart a prosperous future.


His insights shed light on the critical need for a paradigm shift in Nigerian politics to address the underlying causes of ethnic divisions and economic disparities.



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