Peter Obi Responds to Akpabio’s Claims, Dismisses Accusations of Election Rigging

Peter Obi


The aftermath of the 2023 general election has sparked a new wave of controversy, as the presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), Peter Obi, responded to statements made by Senate President Godswill Akpabio regarding election outcomes in Lagos and Ebonyi States.

Akpabio’s remarks insinuated election rigging in the said regions, alleging that the election results were manipulated to favor certain candidates.


He raised questions about how the former Lagos base of a prominent political figure, presumed to be Bola Tinubu, did not secure victory in the presidential election.

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Additionally, he highlighted the discrepancy between winning all federal houses in Ebonyi State and purportedly failing to achieve the minimum required 25 percent threshold.


In a recent appearance on Parallel Fact, Obi was prompted to react to Akpabio’s statements, to which he replied with a pointed dismissal of the Senate President’s commentary.

“The Senate President is an uncommon person, everything about him is uncommon. I don’t deal with uncommon people. I deal with common people…when uncommon people talk, common people keep quiet,” Obi retorted.

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Asserting his victory in the elections, Obi emphasized his win not only in Lagos and Ebonyi but across Nigeria.

However, he hinted at the atypical nature of the country, alluding to undisclosed occurrences that could have potentially influenced the election outcomes.


The exchange between Obi and Akpabio adds a new layer of tension and contention in the aftermath of the elections, raising questions about the legitimacy of the results in specific states and further fueling political debate within the country.



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