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Student Loan Scheme: NANS To Meet FG Team On Monday

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Uncertainties Loom as Student Loan Scheme Faces Scrutiny from Stakeholders and NANS.

The anticipated take-off date of Nigeria’s Student Loan Scheme is shrouded in doubt as parents, lecturers, and student leaders raise concerns about its preparedness and viability.

The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) is set to engage with government officials in a crucial meeting on Monday to finalize arrangements for the launch. According to NANS National President Comrade Lucky Emonefe, the meeting aims to assess the progress made and address concerns surrounding the scheme’s imminent commencement.


“We are scheduled for a meeting with the committee in charge of the student loan scheme on Monday in Abuja. Since the government says it is ready for the scheme to start this month, we are looking forward to that too,” Emonefe stated. However, he emphasized the need for flexibility in the eligibility criteria to ensure more students can benefit.

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Key areas of contention include eligibility conditions, selection of guarantors, and the repayment period. Applicants must meet specific income criteria, and guarantors must be civil servants or professionals meeting specific qualifications.


The repayment structure involves deductions directly from the beneficiary’s salary, raising questions about job availability for graduates. Additionally, concerns are raised about the lack of a clear mechanism for reviewing courses and curricula to align with economic realities.

National Presidents Of CONUA/NAPTAN Questioned Government Readiness Towards Launching Of Student Loan Scheme

Dr. Niyi Sunmonu, the National President of the Congress of University Academics (CONUA), expressed skepticism, questioning whether the Federal Government has taken the necessary steps for a successful launch. He highlighted the bureaucratic challenges hindering prompt policy implementation.

Alhaji Haruna Danjuma, President of the National Parent Teacher Association of Nigeria (NAPTAN), voiced dissatisfaction, stating that parents were excluded from the planning process.

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Concerns about job availability for loan beneficiaries and a lack of opportunity for parental input further cast doubts on the scheme’s feasibility.


As stakeholders converge in discussions, uncertainties persist regarding the Student Loan Scheme’s ability to kick off this month, leaving many to question the thoroughness of its planning and execution.

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