Tinubu Appoints Chiedu Ebie as NDDC Chairman


President Bola Tinubu has made a significant appointment in the leadership of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) by designating from Delta State as the Chairman. This announcement, heralding a new era of leadership for the NDDC, was conveyed by Presidential spokesman Ajuri Ngelale in an official statement released on Tuesday.

Chiedu Ebie’s appointment to the position of Chairman underscores ’s commitment to charting a new course for the commission and driving development in the Niger Delta region. Ebie, a respected figure from Delta State, brings with him a wealth of experience and insights that are expected to contribute to the transformation and progress of the NDDC.

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The significance of this appointment is accentuated by the President’s aspiration to realize his “Renewed Hope” agenda, a vision aimed at revitalizing the Niger Delta and promoting sustainable growth and prosperity in the region.

The announcement of Chiedu Ebie as the Chairman of the NDDC represents the initial step in President Tinubu’s broader plan to reinvigorate the commission’s operations and create a positive impact on the lives of the people residing in the Niger Delta area. Ebie’s leadership is anticipated to drive change, accountability, and effective management in the commission.

As Chiedu Ebie assumes the role of Chairman, Nigerians will be keenly observing the strategies and initiatives he implements to address the challenges faced by the Niger Delta region and to foster its economic and social development. This appointment is not just a reflection of President Tinubu’s vision but also a crucial milestone in the journey towards a revitalized Niger Delta Development Commission.

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