Court Dismisses Peter Obi’s Suit, Rules that Tinubu’s Forfeiture of $460,000 for Narcotics Is Not of Criminal Nature


Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal Rules in Favor of in Disqualification Case.


In a significant legal development, the Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal has ruled that President cannot be disqualified from office based on his previous forfeiture of $460,000 in drug money in the United States. The tribunal’s decision carries far-reaching implications for the ongoing case challenging the president’s eligibility.

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Justice Tsamanni, presiding over the tribunal, delivered the judgment on Wednesday, affirming that the sentence of crime for any offense involving dishonesty or fraud, as stipulated in section 37(d), must be a criminal offense. In this case, the tribunal found that the opposition party, the Labour Party (LP), had failed to provide sufficient evidence to establish that forfeiture of funds is inherently a criminal act.


Furthermore, the respondents in the case successfully demonstrated that the act of forfeiture, such as the one involving President Tinubu, does not constitute a criminal offense.


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The tribunal’s ruling underscores the importance of clear legal definitions and evidence when pursuing cases related to the eligibility of public officeholders. It reaffirms the principle that disqualification from office should be based on established criminal offenses involving dishonesty or fraud.


This decision has significant implications for the ongoing legal proceedings and the broader political landscape. It reinforces the need for precise legal arguments and evidence when challenging the eligibility of elected officials.



As the tribunal’s proceedings continue, this ruling will undoubtedly influence the direction of the case and shape the discourse surrounding the qualification criteria for public officeholders. It underscores the importance of adhering to established legal standards in matters of electoral disputes and eligibility.

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