Tinubu’s Minister Hospitalized Due to Poisoning, Fighting for Life in Abuja


Abuja, Nigeria – In a shocking turn of events, Nigerian Tourism Minister Lola Ade-John, a prominent figure in ’s administration, has been hospitalized in Abuja after experiencing severe poisoning symptoms. The incident has raised numerous questions, with authorities yet to provide clarity on the circumstances surrounding this alarming case.

Hospitalization and Mysterious Poisoning

, a seasoned banker and tech investor, was rushed to the Federal Medical Centre in Jabi when her health took a dramatic and troubling turn. Family sources close to her situation reported that she displayed symptoms consistent with acute poisoning, leading to her admission to the hospital. As of the latest update, she has spent four days in a critical condition, relying on a breathing machine to assist her respiration.


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The precise nature of the toxic substance she ingested and the events leading up to her poisoning remain shrouded in mystery. Despite the gravity of the situation, both the police and the State Security Service have not confirmed any ongoing investigations into the matter.

Family Disagreements on Medical Treatment


The deteriorating health of Minister Ade-John has also sparked a dispute within her family regarding the choice of medical facility for her treatment. Ngozi Onwudike, the permanent secretary of her ministry, advocated for her continued treatment at the Federal Medical Centre, citing cost-effectiveness as a key factor. In contrast, the family pushed for her transfer to a better-equipped private medical facility in the downtown area. Unfortunately, financial constraints prevented the family from pursuing the latter option.


Lola Ade-John


Efforts to obtain comments from the permanent secretary and the Federal Medical Centre’s spokesperson regarding Ms Ade-John’s condition have thus far proven unsuccessful.

A Minister of Unconventional Background

Lola Ade-John’s appointment as a minister by President Bola Tinubu in August had already attracted attention due to her non-traditional political background. Having spent years residing in London, her return to Nigeria to serve in President Tinubu’s administration marked a significant shift in her career.


Unanswered Questions and Concerns

As Lola Ade-John continues to fight for her life, the lack of information surrounding her poisoning has raised serious questions about the safety of public officials in Nigeria. The mysterious circumstances of this incident have cast a shadow over her promising tenure as a minister, leaving eager for answers and hoping for her swift

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