Twitter locks Popular Journalist’s Account for Exposing Tinubu’s Dual Citizenship


Popular, investigative journalist ‘s verified Twitter account has been locked by the social media platform.



Twitter account of David Hundeyin was locked after publishing a post on his page disclosing President-elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s dual citizenship.


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Over the weekend, it was reported that Hundeyin had leaked private information regarding the former Governor of . Hundeyin alleged that the former governor held dual citizenship in both Nigeria and Guinea.


Supporters of Tinubu have reportedly expressed their anger following the revelation, and have taken to reporting Hundeyin’s page, accusing him of leaking private information.


After the claim was made, Twitter took action by suspending the Journalist’s Account temporarily.



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In a recent development, it has been confirmed that the Twitter account of Hundeyin has been suspended.



According to Hundeyin, who expressed his views on his blog account [@WestAfricaWeek], his personal account was reported for allegedly sharing private information, which has resulted in the temporary locking of his account.


According to ethical standards, it is imperative to obtain explicit consent from individuals before publishing or sharing their private information. Failure to do so may result in a breach of privacy and potential legal consequences. According to Twitter’s Private Information and Media Policy, the platform strictly prohibits the act of threatening to expose private information or encouraging others to do so.


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