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Vice President Shettima Encourages Graduates to Shape Nigeria’s Future

kashim shettima, Boko Haram Commander
kashim shettima, APC Vice Presidential Candidate

Vice President Kashim Shettima urged graduates to channel their potential toward building a brighter future for Nigeria instead of seeking opportunities abroad.

The call came during a visit by the graduating class of the Legislative Mentorship Initiative’s second cohort, led by Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila, to the Presidential Villa in Abuja.

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Shettima expressed his belief in the diverse talents within the room, envisioning future leaders, senators, representatives, governors, as well as drivers and industry captains.

Despite acknowledging the country’s challenges, he articulated a resolute vision for overcoming them, stating, “We are going to cross the Red Sea and take you to the land of opportunities and blessings.”

Recognizing the graduates’ digital prowess, Shettima encouraged them to leverage their skills for national development. He emphasized the importance of staying in the country and contributing to its progress, saying, “This is our country. The future belongs to you.”


Shifting the focus from physical strength to intellectual agility, the Vice President emphasized that true leadership lies in providing robust solutions to the nation’s problems. He dismissed naysayers and prophets of doom, asserting, “Give us a couple of months, this country will bounce back.”

VP Shettima Urges Students To Use Their Talent Towards Nation-Building

Addressing the graduates, Shettima called on them to be active participants in shaping Nigeria’s destiny. He highlighted the transformative potential of their digital skills, coupled with a newfound sense of purpose and national pride, in greening the nation’s landscape.

In response, Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila, founder of the Legislative Mentorship Initiative, acknowledged the unique qualities of the young men and women in the cohort.

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He emphasized the need for the older generation to adapt to the changing times and praised the cohort’s potential to surpass the achievements of their predecessors.


The Vice President’s call to embrace national pride, intellectual leadership, and digital innovation resonates as a rallying cry for the graduates to play a pivotal role in shaping Nigeria’s trajectory, ushering in a promising future for the nation.

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