Why A Police Officer Asked For My Number Plates Receipt – Actor, Jamiu Azeez Reveals


Jamiu Azeez

Jamiu Azeez, a Nigerian actor, has shared his ‘funny’ encounter with a police officer.

He revealed on his Instagram story that he was stopped at a police checkpoint and the officer asked him to do ‘weekend’ for him to which he playfully declined, mentioning that he was also seeking someone to do ‘weekend’ for him.


The response seemed to offend the officer, who then began asking for his driver’s license and car documents.

According to him, upon realizing that everything was in order and his documents were valid, the officer unexpectedly requested the receipt for his plate number, leaving him speechless and confused.

He questioned if receipts are now being given for plate numbers.


He said: “So today, I was stopped at the police checkpoint and the officer asked me to do weekend for me too.

“Na so Oga change face oo, then he asked me for my document and driver’s license and I gave it to him.

“After realizing all my documents were valid, Baba asked me for the receipt of my plate number. Abeg Shey Dem dey give receipt for plate number ni.”



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