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Why Bookmakers Close Their Apps; Here Are Some Reasons

Why Bookmakers Close Their Apps; Here Are Some Reasons


You may have heard that some online bookmakers are closing their betting apps. Yes, it’s true. If you’ve used one that has, it’s probably bad news. For example, Betfair, Hollywoodbets and Betcoza have closed their apps.

Many sportsbooks abandon their apps as part of brand strategy. This can be for various reasons, including that there’s an opportunity to offer better value to clients. This article will explain why sportsbooks, especially the big guns, close their apps. It will also help you to figure out what you should do next when this happens.


They Have Lost Leverage In The Industry

As stated earlier, most Sportsbooks abandon their betting apps for several reasons. However, the most common reason is that the sportsbook has lost leverage in its industry. They can no longer compete due to lower market share. Hence, it becomes challenging to convince most punters to join their network.

Some sportsbooks believe that they can no longer keep pace with all the brands trooping in the market. Some punters are better off opting for a mobile app such as Betway rather than going anywhere else. Bookmakers don’t want to fight against circumstances that they cannot change. They don’t want to waste effort and resources on betting apps when they can always invest in other things.

Bookmakers Do Not Want To Face Legal Issues.

Some bookmakers close their betting apps in South Africa because they want to minimize legal risks. You may not have imagined this reason. But yes, it’s true. This is partly because some customers can easily report them on social media when things go south. Before they know it, a simple report on app experiences can culminate into serious legal battles. Plus, it will also hurt the reputation of these businesses.


Some Bookmakers Are Considering Expansion. 

It could also be that these bookmakers want to expand their betting business. In this way, they can boost the number of users in their newly-built apps. It is an important reminder that even popular sportsbooks need to consider how mobile commerce impacts their brands. By doing so, they can fly high.

They Want To Focus On What They Do Best.

Sportsbooks also abandon their apps because they want to focus on the core services of offering odds. They don’t want to be carried away with managing client support like an app service would demand. Sportsbooks believe that they can offer better services by focusing on what they do best. This includes providing wagering odds with the help of artificial intelligence.

They Don’t Want To Grapple With High Regulatory Costs

Some bookmakers abandon their betting apps because of high regulatory costs. They need to comply with various laws, standards, and regulations in their target markets. This includes learning about their clients’ location and age. On many occasions, they will have to ban minors from accessing some gambling activities.

Bookmakers Do Not Want To Be Left Behind.

It has become a challenging adventure to build a lucrative app in the online punting scene. Clients have become demanding. They keep asking for new experiences, such as betting with robots instead of using their cell phones on the go. Some sportsbooks believe that they have to escape from what they cannot do best before they are left behind.

They Are Not Generating Enough Revenue Through The App.

The most common reason why bookies close their apps is that they are not making enough money. The logistics of running a betting app are extremely complicated. Many bookmakers struggle to generate enough income to justify the effort and cost of running an app.


Sometimes, customer bets do not cover the costs. The punting industry is already struggling to adapt after punting was banned in some countries. With taxes rising every year, it’s getting harder for sportsbooks to cover operating costs as well as make profits. So they believe that it’s not worth their investments.

Their Business Model Is Incompatible With A Mobile App.

Sportsbooks abandon their apps because their business structure is incompatible with the features of IOS and Android. They find it challenging to manage the implementation and development of the platform on the internet.

Users Dislike Their Products.

Some sportsbooks close their apps because they cannot keep their users happy. The reason is simple. Their product is not up to par, and they’re forced to take shortcuts. It can be annoying when a betting app allows you to access a single bet within a limited time. Or maybe it takes a lot of time for the results of the wagers to come through. This can lead people away from using the app in the long run.


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How To Add A Link To The Bookmaker’s Site On Phone’s Home Screen.

Why Bookmakers Close Their Apps; Here Are Some Reasons

If you have a favorite bookmaker, the best thing to do is here. You will need to include a direct link on your home screen. It’s very easy to do that.


Open your browser and visit the platform. Then tap the screen’s three-dot icon at the top corner. Choose ‘Add to Home Screen.’

Open Google Chrome and go to the website. Then drop down the menu by tapping the screen’s three-dot icon at the top right-hand corner. Select Add to Home screen. Note that if the website has an app in the Play Store, the Add to Home screen option will be replaced by the Install app.




There are various reasons why bookies close their apps. However, all of them boil down to a single conclusion, which is a lack of interest in the app. Or they no longer find it profitable. You might be thinking, ‘what am I going to do now since my betting platform is closed?’ Not to worry. You can either look out for another bookie offering similar services. Or sometimes, they may not be closing down permanently. You could check the bookie’s website, as it may close for maintenance or other reasons.

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