From Clutches to Millionaire Footwear Maker: The Inspiring Journey of Aderinsola Omirin


The Inspiring Journey of , .

Aderinsola Omirin, a remarkable 22-year-old sociologist turned footwear manufacturer, has captivated hearts with her incredible journey from adversity to success. As the CEO of Solasoles, a bespoke handmade footwear brand, she has not only risen to millionaire status but has also revolutionized the industry by creating casual and orthopedic shoes tailored for individuals with special needs. In an exclusive interview with Evelyn Osagie, Aderinsola shares insights into her inspiring journey, her book “The Radiant Path,” and more.

The Inspiration Behind Solasoles Aderinsola’s foray into the footwear business at the age of 16 was driven by a personal experience. At 13, she suffered a leg injury, compelling her to use crutches for an extended period. Unable to wear traditional shoes on her right leg, she developed a fondness for casual footwear. This experience led her to establish an orthopedic line within her business, catering not only to women and children but also to individuals with special needs.


The Journey of a Millionaire Footwear Maker Aderinsola’s entrepreneurial journey, which officially began in 2017 at the age of 16, gained momentum in 2018 when she was 17 and in her second year at Covenant University. Despite challenges such as restrictions on phone use and limited internet access at school, she successfully navigated the hurdles and made her first million at 18. By the age of 19, in her fourth year, her products had reached all 36 states in Nigeria, including the federal capital territory, and international markets through e-commerce.

Her achievements were not without challenges, but Aderinsola’s focus on finding solutions allowed her to thrive. The support of her elder sister, who played a pivotal role in managing the business, was instrumental. Aderinsola’s family, particularly her parents, played a crucial role in supporting her vision, contributing to the establishment of Solasoles as a reputable brand.

Balancing Education and Business Navigating the worlds of education and business required a shift in mindset for Aderinsola. Recognizing the need to develop the capacity to handle both facets effectively, she emphasized the importance of incorporating entrepreneurship into the educational curriculum from primary school. Aderinsola believes that a revamped educational system, focusing on entrepreneurship, can better prepare students for real-life challenges, potentially addressing issues of unemployment.


The Power of Reading and Personal Development Aderinsola attributes much of her success to her passion for reading, emphasizing that continuous learning is essential for personal growth. She encourages young individuals to be informed about their chosen career paths, using resources such as books and social media to their advantage. Her commitment to personal development inspired her book, “The Radiant Path,” a guide for young people to build legacies and pursue extraordinary significance.

Relaxation and Personal Habits In her moments of relaxation, Aderinsola finds joy in cooking and engaging with her audience through live videos. While she acknowledges the importance of other forms of entertainment, such as TV and movies, her personal preferences lean towards activities that bring her genuine pleasure, like cooking.


Beauty from Within For Aderinsola, beauty emanates from within and is closely tied to one’s character, personality, and impact on others. She emphasizes the importance of making a positive lasting impact on people through excellence, brilliance, and genuine connections.

Fashion Philosophy Describing herself as a fashionista, Aderinsola believes that fashion is subjective and allows individuals to express themselves uniquely. As a queen in her own right, she values decency, simplicity, and grace in her style. Aderinsola opts for simple dresses with dramatic sleeves, and her fashion essentials include a dress and a well-equipped bag to carry her essentials.

Future Plans Looking ahead, Aderinsola envisions a larger factory for Solasoles that not only creates quality footwear but also generates job opportunities. She aims to expand her Radiant tribe, a community with a goal of having over 10,000 members by 2030, fostering a culture of personal development and legacy building. Aderinsola’s future plans reflect her commitment to making a lasting impact through her business and empowering others to pursue their extraordinary paths

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