APC group – “Tinubu can only be removed from power by divine intervention”

Asiwaju Bola Tinubu

The Confederation of All APC Support Groups, a support group within the All Progressives Congress, firmly believes that only God can remove President from power.

They argue that Tinubu was elected with overwhelming support during the February 25 presidential poll, making him unassailable.

The group strongly criticized , the , for allegedly stating that Tinubu is not Nigeria’s President until the Presidential Election Petition Court confirms it.


At a press conference in Kaduna, Muhammad Kialani, the Director General of the Confederation of All APC Support Groups, expressed disappointment in Onaiyekan for opposing Tinubu’s Presidency despite being a Yoruba man like Tinubu.

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The group, demanding Onaiyekan’s arrest, urged the clergyman to leave his religious role and engage in politics.


Kailani expressed, “, we witnessed on social media that those who should promote unity in our diverse nation are instead inciting conflict. We find it unacceptable for Archbishop John Onaiyekan to claim that Tinubu is not yet the President of Nigeria.

He suggested that the election hasn’t concluded, and we can’t have a President until the court confirms it.”


“We, the Confederation of All APC Support Groups across , utterly condemn this situation. We are deeply dissatisfied, and so are fellow Nigerians.

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“We had hoped that Cardinal Onaiyekan, being a Yoruba man like our President, Ahmed Bola Tinubu, would support him. However, he criticized Tinubu, even though during the election, over 80 per cent of Yorubas, including Afenifere, did not vote for Tinubu.


Notable figures like Pastor Tunde Bakare and Chief Bode George also expressed their lack of support for him. Nevertheless, we, the people elected Tinubu as our President on February 25, 2023.

“We implore all Nigerians not to back this action, and we demand Onaiyekan’s arrest as we believe it may lead to conflict.


The group cautioned Onaiyekan against aligning with those seeking to destabilize the nation, asserting they will not take such a move lightly.

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They invited Onaiyekan to participate in politics and leave the pulpit behind, emphasizing that he should join them to experience how politics operates in the country, rather than remaining in his comfort zone where he could be influenced to destabilize the nation.


The group is closely monitoring the situation.”




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