Benue under siege as Fulani herdsmen kill over 500 in Agatu, Otukpo, Apa


Benue Under Siege: Idoma Land Battles Armed Herdsmen, Faces Devastation

Agatu, Otukpo, Apa: For months, fear has cast a long shadow over Benue State, ’s food basket. Over 200 villages, particularly in Agatu, Otukpo, and Apa, have become battlegrounds, with heavily armed groups, allegedly Fulani herdsmen, unleashing terror on residents.

Bloodbath’s Return: Agatu, once enjoying relative peace, is again plagued by bloodshed. Villages bear the scars of attacks, homes reduced to ashes, lives lost. The violence has spilled over to neighboring areas, turning into a full-blown conflict.

Idoma Youths Fight Back, Face Daunting Odds: With limited resources, courageous Idoma youths from nearby communities attempt to defend their ancestral lands. Armed with rudimentary weapons like “shakabula” against sophisticated weaponry, they face a formidable foe. A chilling video depicts their struggle, highlighting the attackers’ intent to “erase the Idoma community.”


Military Hit, Community Guards Left Helpless: Even the military hasn’t been spared. Operation Whirl Stroke suffered losses in Agatu, highlighting the conflict’s intensity. Community volunteer guards, established to bolster security, feel abandoned and under-supported by the current administration.


Calls for Help: Senator Abba Patrick Moro, representing Benue South, pleaded for urgent intervention. The Idoma Association USA condemned the government’s inaction, urging decisive action to stop the “heartless attacks.

Operation Whirl Stroke Responds: Despite accusations of insufficient presence, OPWS Force Commander Maj. Gen. Sunday Igbinomwanhia assured ongoing operations to track the attackers and fulfill their mandate.


Uncertain Future: As fear and devastation grip the region, the question lingers: when will the bloodshed end? Benue, its people, and their ancestral lands await answers and action from those in power.

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