Breaking: APC Breaks Silence on Certified True Copy of Appeal Court Verdict on Kano Election


The All Progressives Congress () faces uncertainty as it awaits the elusive certified true copy (CTC) of the Court of Appeal judgment proclaiming Dr Nasiru Gawuna as the victor in a gubernatorial election.

Barrister Abubakar Kaka, the APC party’s legal adviser, addressed journalists at the National Secretariat , shedding light on the situation.

Highlighting the pivotal role of an accurate document, Kaka expressed the party’s dilemma, emphasizing the need for an error-free CTC before making decisions based on the judgment.


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The delay in receiving the official copy adds complexity to recent reports hinting at discrepancies within the document.

Barrister Abubakar Kaka The APC Legal Adviser Address Journalists At The National Secretariat

”We have not received an official copy of the certified true copy of the judgement. But we will write and get a copy. If the copy conveyed to us still contains this error, we will take steps eventually.


”What we will do, and we have done right now, is to write a request demanding the CTC. Until the CTC containing that error, which is being bantered around, before we will now know what to do next.

”But, I will suggest that whoever may have received the CTC containing that error, if he was an appropriate person and entitled to a copy, would have taken necessary steps to ask us to see.


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Kaka also questioned the responsibility of those in possession of the CTC, suggesting that if the error existed, steps should have been taken to rectify it before circulating. He called on the court to ensure corrections were made promptly.

As the APC navigates this legal puzzle, the absence of the crucial CTC casts uncertainty over the party’s response to the Appeal Court verdict, creating a suspenseful chapter in the aftermath of the election.

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