Breaking: NLC Commences Nationwide Indefinite Strike, See details


Commences Nationwide Indefinite Strike as Government Fails to Meet Demands.


The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has commenced an indefinite nationwide strike , September 22, 2023. This decision comes after a two-day warning strike earlier this month, which apparently did not yield the desired response from the government.

The primary reason behind this industrial action is the federal government’s perceived failure to address the demands of the labor union. The NLC’s demands include the provision of palliatives to mitigate the adverse effects of fuel subsidy removal.


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NLC Commences Nationwide Indefinite Strike: Why?

This escalation follows a 14-day ultimatum given by the NLC to the government, which expired without the desired resolution. According to Benson Upah, the Head of the Department for Information and Public Affairs at NLC, the government has not met any of the union’s demands, paving the way for the indefinite strike.

Upah, in a statement released on Friday, emphasized the seriousness of the situation. He stated, “Do you know of any good general who puts out his plans in the public before he strikes? We are fully ready to strike.” This suggests a determination on the part of the NLC to enforce the strike rigorously, unlike the previous warning strike where compliance was not uniform.


NLC Commences Nationwide Indefinite Strike

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Furthermore, the NLC called upon the nation’s youth to join in this action, emphasizing that the country belongs to them, and they must stand up and reclaim it.


NLC Commences Nationwide Indefinite Strike: Economic Impact

The commencement of this nationwide indefinite strike raises concerns about its potential impact on various sectors of the economy. As the NLC presses its demands, the government faces the challenge of finding a swift resolution to this labor dispute to avoid disruptions in critical services and industries.

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As the situation unfolds, both the government and the NLC will likely engage in negotiations to address the union’s concerns and reach a resolution that can end the strike and alleviate the current tensions.


More details to come as NLC Commences Nationwide Indefinite Strike

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