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Controversy Surrounding NANS Leadership Election: Pedro Obi Tackles Emonefe


The newly-elected factional  president of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), Pedro Obi, has addressed the controversy surrounding his victory, asserting that he meets the eligibility criteria outlined in the constitution.

In an interview with PUNCH, Pedro Obi claimed that his rival, Lucky Emonefe, backed by President’s son Seyi Tinubu, is unqualified for the position, challenging him to provide his JAMB admission letter and degree result.

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Obi emphasized the constitutional requirements for NANS presidency, citing his own verifiable experience in NANS leadership roles as evidence of his eligibility.

Pedro Obi Statement Reads:

“The current NANS constitution was adopted at the Sokoto Congress in February 2022. There are over ten people who have expressed interest in the NANS presidency, but I want to tell you that we are just two that are qualified. Article 15, sub-section 2, under eligibility to contest, stated it clearly.

“I am currently a PhD student at Delta State University, Abraka, and the constitution provides that I am eligible. Again, the constitution makes it clear in Paragraph 5, which states that only students with a track record of verifiable experience shall be eligible to contest for President and Senate President.


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“Such a person must have attended at least three national senate meetings and have held offices at the zonal and national levels, including standing committees. None of these people claiming the presidency of NANS has held any office in NANS before.

I was a former PRO, Zonal Coordinator, and former deputy Senate President. Ordinarily, we shouldn’t be talking about whether he (Lucky) had a stake or not because, ab initio, he is not even qualified.

Lucky Emonefe Has No Degree Says Obi

“Yes, I told you that he is not also a student of any known institution in Nigeria. Imagine that it was said that Lucky completed his National Diploma in 2003, about 20 years ago, and now he is claiming to be studying for NCE. What does that tell you? It shows that he is not a graduate.

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“He doesn’t have a degree. If he had, he would have tendered a degree to at least serve this organisation. Today, you cannot claim to be a student at the school he claimed without JAMB.

Can they ask him to provide his JAMB admission letter? You cannot just go to one institution and claim studentship because you have a relationship there, and the school will cover you up.”

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