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2024 Budget Will Cause More Hardship, Pain, Suffering for Nigerians – PRP

Tinubu Deceived Us By Presenting An Empty Box as Budget – Galambi

2024 Budget Will Cause More Hardship, Pain, and Suffering

The 2024 budget recently presented to the National Assembly by President Bola Tinubu, the Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) has accused the government of perpetuating the continuous impoverishment of Nigerians. The party contends that despite claims of inheriting a depleted treasury, the administration’s actions, especially in appointments, do not align with its purported commitment to instill “renewed hope.”

Falalu Bello, the National Chairman of PRP, expressed his skepticism in a statement titled ‘The Appropriation Bill: Seeing Beyond Semantics,’ urging Nigerians not to place their hopes in the proposed 2024 budget. While acknowledging that the surface-level statistics and assumptions may seem promising, Bello argued that a deeper examination reveals a lack of readiness for genuine nation-building.


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Bello asserted, “This government is still a relic of the past that is jealously protecting a few oligarchs, lacking a clear path to the prosperous future Nigerians aspire to achieve as a nation.”


He went on to highlight concerns about the sectoral allocation of funds, characterizing the government’s approach to revenue generation and spending as deceitful and lacking strategic foresight. According to Bello, the proposed budget merely serves as a cosmetic façade, glorifying mediocrity while perpetuating the impoverishment of the citizens.

In closing, Bello expressed hope that the upcoming Town Hall Meetings organized by the National Assembly would serve as a platform to address the issues raised by PRP and other concerned Nigerians. The party aims for a redress of the highlighted shortcomings to create a more promising and equitable future for the nation.

As debates surrounding the 2024 budget intensify, the PRP’s critical assessment adds another layer to the discourse, challenging the government’s commitment to meaningful change and economic upliftment.

Stay tuned for further developments as the nation scrutinizes the proposed budget and its potential implications.

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