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Hardship bites harder as Nigerians Await Tinubu’s Promised Palliatives

Tinubu’s govt asks Nigerians to endure, says fuel subsidy hardships temporary

Hardship Intensifies as Nigerians Await Tinubu’s Promised Palliatives Following Fuel Subsidy Removal


Six months after the Federal Government’s decision to remove the fuel subsidy, Nigerians are still grappling with increased hardships, with promised palliatives yet to materialize.


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Despite the Federal Government’s N35,000 wage award and various state governments pledging sums up to N25,000, citizens continue to face challenges exacerbated by the volatile exchange rate. Staple food prices, transportation, and essential services have soared, leaving the populace in distress.

While the government proposed measures such as introducing Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles, citizens report no significant improvements. The high cost of Premium Motor Spirit (petrol) has tripled transportation fares nationwide, causing financial strain on citizens.


President Bola Tinubu, addressing the economic strain, announced a plan to invest N100 billion in acquiring 3,000 CNG-powered buses for mass transportation. However, observations indicate no tangible intervention, and transportation remains a challenge.

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Taxi drivers, like Mr Jibila Audu in Abuja, lament the lack of profit due to high fuel costs. Despite tripled fares, sustaining the business remains difficult, reflecting the broader economic challenges faced by citizens.

The promised cash transfer programme, announced by the President on Independence Day, aimed at assisting vulnerable citizens with N25,000 monthly, faces skepticism. Adebayo Mathew, a PDP chieftain, questions its effectiveness, stating that many citizens are yet to benefit, labeling it a potential scam.

The government’s assurance of the Port Harcourt refinery commencing operations by December 2023 is met with doubt. Nigerians express skepticism, citing past unfulfilled promises regarding refineries. Some argue that even if operational, a refinery’s functioning may not guarantee a reduction in fuel prices.


In the midst of these challenges, citizens call for concrete actions to alleviate their plight. The high expectations hinge on the refinery’s performance and the fulfilment of promises by the government.

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