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Bishop Kukah to Tinubu: Nigerians Need Action, Not Empty Promises; Palliatives Won’t Fix Nigeria’s Problem


Palliatives Won’t Solve Nigeria’s Woes

In a candid Christmas sermon, Bishop Hassan Kukah has urged President Bola Tinubu to address the fundamental issues of corruption and insecurity, asserting that mere palliatives won’t remedy Nigeria’s deep-seated problems.

The Bishop of Sokoto Catholic Diocese highlighted the pervasive culture of corruption as the root cause of the nation’s challenges, emphasizing, “The problems of Nigeria are deep-seated and are based on a culture of corruption that has become the foundation stone of governance.”


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In a call for tangible action, Kukah emphasized the need for evidence that the citizens can see and touch, expressing the collective weariness of promises and stories.

He directed his attention to the state of the public service, urging Tinubu to purge it of individuals who have turned public service into an ignoble enterprise.


During his sermon, the outspoken cleric conveyed the sentiments of Nigerians, stating, “You must rid the public service of criminals who have turned the opportunity to serve into an ignoble enterprise.

IWe concede that there are millions of decent men and women who genuinely wish to serve but are crushed by the deadweight of corrupt ogas at the top who use corruption as their oxygen! This surgery must happen if you are to succeed in any of your dreams of delivering much-needed services to our people.”

Kukah did not shy away from addressing the grim reality of senseless killings and abductions across the nation. He passionately appealed to President Tinubu to take decisive measures to halt the bloodshed and restore the sanctity of life.

As the nation grapples with these pressing issues, the eyes of the public are on President Tinubu, waiting to witness concrete actions that go beyond temporary measures and palliatives.

The challenges outlined by Bishop Kukah underscore the urgency for a comprehensive and sustained effort to address the core issues affecting the nation’s well-being.

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