Is the FG Skill UP Nigeria Program 2023 Real or Fake?


Is the Program Real or Fake? Uncertainty Surrounds ’s New Initiative”

In recent news circulating town, there is talk of the Federal Government launching a program called “” with the aim of empowering 5 million Nigerian youths for a better future.

This news comes just 24 hours after the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Betta Edu, announced the suspension of the Npower Programme, which was initiated during the previous administration under Former President Muhammadu Buhari. As the announcement of the “” program goes viral on various social media platforms, Ejes Gist Newspaper has been unable to independently verify the authenticity of this announcement as of the time of filing this report.


The news of the proposed “Skill UP Nigeria” program has generated considerable attention and curiosity among Nigerians. Many are eager to know if this is indeed a legitimate initiative by the Federal Government or if it is merely a rumor circulating in the public domain.



What are the specific objectives of the Skill UP Nigeria initiative?

The “RENEWED HOPE Skill UP Nigeria” program, as described in the circulating reports, aims to empower a substantial number of Nigerian youths. However, the lack of official confirmation or details from government sources has left citizens uncertain about its existence and objectives.

In light of the recent suspension of the Npower Programme, which was designed to empower Nigerian youth, the emergence of a new initiative raises questions about the government’s intentions and priorities in addressing youth unemployment and empowerment.



Ejes Gist Newspaper will continue to monitor this developing story and seek official clarification from government authorities regarding the “SkillUP Nigeria” program. Until then, the program’s authenticity remains a topic of speculation and debate among the Nigerian populace.

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