FIFA Ranking 2024: Nigeria Jumps 14 Places, Full List of Top 20 African Teams

FIFA Ranking 2024

FIFA Ranking 2024: Top 20 African Teams in Latest FIFA Ranking

The latest FIFA Men’s World Rankings, released (February 15, 2024), reveal that Morocco leads all African men’s national football teams, with Senegal, Nigeria, Egypt, and Cote d’Ivoire closely trailing.

FIFA Ranking 2024 comes following the conclusion of the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations on Sunday, February 11, where the Super Eagles of Nigeria lost 2-1 to hosts Cote d’Ivoire in the final.


Despite the loss, Nigeria’s Super Eagles jumped 14 places in the global FIFA Rankings 2024 from the 42nd position to the 28th position.

The Eagles also moved from the sixth position to third in Africa.

Points are awarded based on the outcomes of all FIFA-recognized full international matches in a points system by the global football body.


The Top 20 African Men’s National Football Teams According to the Latest FIFA Ranking 2024:

  1. Morocco: First in Africa, 12th in the world.
  2. Senegal: Second in Africa, 17th in the world.
  3. Nigeria: Third in Africa, 28th in the world.
  4. Egypt: Fourth in Africa, 36th in the world.
  5. Cote d’Ivoire: Fifth in Africa, 39th in the world.
  6. Tunisia: Sixth in Africa, 41st in the world.
  7. Algeria: Seventh in Africa, 43rd in the world.
  8. Mali: Eighth in Africa, 47th in the world.
  9. Cameroon: Ninth in Africa, 51st in the world.
  10. South Africa: 10th in Africa, 58th in the world.
  11. Burkina Faso: 11th in Africa, 61st in the world.
  12. Congo DR: 12th in Africa, 63rd in the world.
  13. Cabo Verde: 13th in Africa, 65th in the world.
  14. Ghana: 14th in Africa, 67th in the world.
  15. Guinea: 15th in Africa, 76th in the world.
  16. Equatorial Guinea: 16th in Africa, 79th in the world.
  17. Gabon: 17th in Africa, 84th in the world.
  18. Zambia: 18th in Africa, 87th in the world.
  19. Uganda: 19th in Africa, 92nd in the world.
  20. Angola: 20th in Africa, 93rd in the world.

FIFA Ranking 2024



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