Fubara Legacy: I Want to be Remembered for Positive Things

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Governor Siminalayi Fubara biography

Port Harcourt, Rivers State – In a heartfelt declaration during the Thanksgiving and Interdenominational Church Service for the 2024 Armed Forces Remembrance Day Celebration, Governor Siminalayi Fubara expressed his desire to be remembered for positive contributions to the state of Rivers.

Governor Fubara, at St. Cyprian’s Anglican Church in Port Harcourt, emphasized his commitment to providing good governance and delivering tangible dividends of democracy to the people of Rivers State. He articulated his aspiration to leave a lasting legacy of positive achievements rather than negative connotations.

“As a government, we are performing. My prayer is for the Almighty God to grant us the grace to perform in a manner that when we leave office, people will remember us positively, not for negative purposes,” Governor Fubara declared.


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During his address, the governor highlighted the significance of addressing critical governance issues and fostering the continued development of the South-South state. He acknowledged the role of security operatives in garnering public celebration, stressing the importance of their quality of service.

“It is not an easy thing for you to be on the stage just like we are today, and after performing, people will remember you. So, I am happy that we are all associated with the good performance of the armed forces,” Governor Fubara expressed.


Reflecting on the occasion, the governor extended support not only to the fallen heroes but also to those currently serving in the armed forces. He underscored the government’s dedication to safeguarding the unity of Nigeria and protecting the country’s integrity.

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“For us as a government, we will continue to give our support, not just to the fallen heroes as we are doing, but also to those who are alive to enable them to continue to defend the integrity of our country,” Governor Fubara affirmed.

As Governor Fubara’s administration focuses on positive governance and developmental initiatives, his words resonate with a commitment to leaving a legacy of progress and prosperity for the people of Rivers State.



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