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Heaven Will Not Fall If The Tribunal Nullifies The Election Of President  Tinubu – Sanco

Bola Tinubu

By Sanco Ese

The Bible says, “Who art thou, O man? Thou art as a grass that withers. Thou art as a flower that fadeth. A man that is born of a woman: today and tomorrow, no more.”

The notion put forth by President Bola Tinubu that Nigeria will descend into anarchy if his removal is ordered by the tribunal is not only unfortunate and embarrassing but also unexpected from a man who governs the most populous black nation in the world.


Everything I mentioned about President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his APC during the Presidential campaign has proven to be true.

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In the short period of his administration, President Bola Tinubu has brought us nothing but pain, sorrow, and inexplicable hardship.


In less than three months, my continuous assertion that former Vice President Atiku Abubakar is far superior in running the affairs of our country, and the PDP is a much better party, has been proven right.

The only aspect I underestimated was the extent of malice our President harbors towards his political opponents and critics, the inexplicable pleasure he derives from inflicting pain on the innocent and low-income people of this country, his indulgence in self-delusion, wickedness, and monumental incompetence when it comes to governing our nation.

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My life philosophy has always been that a man’s worth is not measured by his ability to suppress political opponents, imprison the innocent, humiliate and persecute adversaries, abuse his power, remove dissenting voices from office, or pervert the judicial system’s pursuit of justice. Instead, a man’s character is reflected in his humanity, compassion, magnanimity, and sense of decency, fairness, justice, and restraint.

You have made life unbearable for Nigerians by removing a nonexistent subsidy, increasing fuel prices, pretending to open the border with neighboring Cotonou while simultaneously raising import duties by over a hundred percent. How can you be so wicked, callous, and cruel to your own people, especially the low-income, destitute, and vulnerable?


The truth is that you were neither the choice of Nigerians nor the choice of God. What is happening is a conflict and struggle between the servants of Lucifer and we, the children of the Lord. God will never abandon us, and in the end, He will vindicate Nigerians and deliver us from your evil clutches.

Understand this, Nigerians are not bothered, and they will not waver in the face of your empty threats to cause anarchy because we are prepared.

Rest assured that if the tribunal, in its wisdom, decides to nullify your election as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, heaven will not fall.

I advise you to calm down, rid yourself of hatred, sheathe your sword of war, abandon your dastardly game plan and hidden agenda to steal, kill, and destroy your fellow beings. Refrain from displaying madness, allow the will of God to prevail, avoid weaponizing falsehood, act within the confines of the law, and if you must express your grievances, do so quietly in a enlightened manner and in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. There will be no problems.

May the peace of God reign in our lives, and may His counsel and purpose alone be established in our nation. Amen.



Sanco Ese
God’s Pen of Intervention

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