Here’s Why APC is yet to zone national assembly leadership positions


Why APC is yet to zone national assembly leadership positions


Abdullahi Adamu, the national chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), says his party has not yet held meetings to zone the leadership positions of the national assembly because Bola Tinubu, the president-elect, was absent.


Tinubu spent approximately one month abroad and returned home last week.



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Adamu stated in March that the party and the incoming president were collaborating on a formula for dividing the positions. After more than a month, the party has yet to disclose how positions will be zoned.


On Wednesday, following a meeting of the APC’s national working committee (NWC), the party’s chairman told reporters in Abuja that the party intends to include everyone in its decisions.



“When we do the zoning meeting, we don’t go alone as a party; we bring along the person with the mandate of this country, the president-elect, Senator Bola Tinibu,” he explained.



“We want to bring him along; he left the country after the and returned only last week, so we must transport him.”



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APC spokesman Felix Morka told newsmen that the party is not in a hurry regarding the zoning of leadership positions in NASS.


Morka stated, “We examined some internal and domestic housekeeping matters with a colleague you know who has expressed concerns about something he believes the party should do.”



“We deliberated exhaustively on the matter, and a committee that was formed to continue the discussion is currently in session. “It is crucial that the consultation is conducted correctly, and that is what is happening right now.”


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