How To Get AIRTEL 2GB for 500, 200 for 1GB, 4GB for 1000 鈥� Airtel Codes ( List z


聽Steps on How To Get AIRTEL 200 for 1GB, 2GB for 500, 4GB for 1000 鈥� Airtel Codes

Airtel is one the Nigerians鈥� favorite telecom network service provider and offer some mouth watering rate for data subscription plan.


How to get Airtel 200 For 1GB

All airtel subscribers are eligible to enjoy any of these awoof such as聽Airtel 200 for 1GB, Airtel 300 for 1GB, Airtel 2GB for 200, Airtel 500 for 1.5GB, Airtel 2GB for 500, 4GB for 1000聽and many other.

To know if you鈥檙e eligible for any of this, simply dial 141241# which is the聽subscription code for Airtel 200 for 1GB聽.


How To Become EligibleFor Airtel 200 For 1GB

To be eligible for some of these offers, you will have to ensure your Airtel sim is made inactive for 30 days. No calls, no recharge of such sim for 30 consecutive days. This may not be advisable if this sim card is your official line and carry a great risk to your job.

Airtel 200 For 1GB 7 Days Code聽

How To Get AIRTEL 200 for 1GB, 2GB for 500, 4GB for 1000 - Airtel Codes 2021

How to get 1GB for 200 on Airtel for 7 days聽is quite simple. Simply dial 141241# and send. Then press 2 after the prompt up for聽Airtel 200 for 1GB/7 Days.聽Ensure you have enough airtime preloaded already onto your sim. As failure to do so will result in airtel sending you a message of聽 鈥渇ailure due to insufficient balance鈥� and this is akin to a waste of your own time.



As already said, the validity of聽Airtel 200 for 1GB聽is just for 7 days and if after the 7 days, you were unable to finish the same, Airtel will place a hold on it. But you can roll over unused data by purchasing the data plan again by following the guidelines on聽how to get 1GB for 200 on Airtel for 7 days聽stated above. Rolling over means the previous expired data balance will be added to your new data purchase.

How To Get AIRTEL 200 for 1GB, 2GB for 500, 4GB for 1000 - Airtel Codes 2021

To get聽Airtel 350 for 1GB, simply dial 141354# to purchase the same. Make sure you have the required airtime loaded onto your sim before dialing this code.

Validity for Airtel 350 for 1GB

This is a daily data bundle and must be used within 24 hours. If not, Airtel would put a hold on the remaining data till you repurchase the same聽Airtel 350 for 1GB聽through the above-mentioned code.


Airtel 200 For 1GB

This should not be confused for聽Airtel 200 for 1GB 7days code聽above. This data bundle is a 2G network plan (i.e it could only work on 2G mobile devices). The聽subscription code for Airtel 200 for 1GB; simply dial 4821# to purchase. To check your data balance, dial 4823#.

How To Change Your Device To 2G

You can change your device to 2G by going to Settings on your phone, select 鈥楴etwork and Internet鈥�, then 鈥楳obile Network鈥�. Select on 鈥楢irtel Ng鈥� then you click on 鈥楶referred Network Type鈥� where you will pick 鈥�2G鈥�. With this, you have successfully turn your mobile device into a 2G Network Device.

Validity Airtel 200 for 1GB

Airtel 200 for 1GB聽comes with a validity of 10 days.

Airtel 2GB For 200

Airtel 200 For 1GB

Airtel 2GB for 200聽is also a 2G network data plan and as such can only work on phones compatible with the 2G network services. To change your Device to 2G, check聽Airtel 200 for 1GB聽above.


To activate聽Airtel 2GB for 200, dial *482#, then follow the prompt message to proceed by selecting in this case聽Airtel 2GB for 200/14 days聽(as there are other additional data plans here too). This is by far one of the cheapest data out there, trust me.

Validity Airtel 2GB for 200聽

Airtel 2GB for 200 is valid for 14 days, and after the expiration of such days, you can again purchase the data subscription.


Airtel 500 for 1.5GB Code


Airtel 500 for 1.5GB聽data is a subscription plan under Airtel Easy Plan.

Initially, the data plan is 750MB for 500 naira worth of airtime, but Airtel has made it a double data plan. Such that instead of getting 750MB, you will get double the value which is 1.5GB of data.


To activate this, dial the聽Airtel 500 for 1.5GB code which is *418#.


This data plan is valid for 14 days with the option of rollover as discussed above.

Airtel 2GB for 500聽

This data plan falls under the purview of the Airtel Binge Data Plan. Airtel Binge is a tariff plan that offers generous and affordable data plans. These plans allow you to download heavy files for which you may not otherwise be chanced to use your normal Airtel data plans.


To activate the AIRTEL 2GB for 500聽data plan, simply dial 141504#. To check your data balance, dial *140#.

Validity for AIRTEL 2GB for 500

Airtel 2GB for 500聽data plan is valid for 1 day and could be done multiple times in a day.

Airtel 4GB For 1000

4GB for 1000聽is a special airtel data offer with selective criteria (it doesn鈥檛 work for every Airtel subscribers unless selected) of idleness. As said earlier on, to enjoy the聽4GB for 1000聽plan, your sim card mustn鈥檛 have been in usage for the last 30 days consecutively.


To activate the聽4GB for 1000聽data plan, simply dial 141241# and select #1000 / 4GB / Monthly.


Airtel聽4GB for 1000聽data plan is valid for 30 consecutive days, with a purchase price of 1000 naira worth of airtime. And it can also be renewed within 30 days in the case of exhaustion.


Airtel just like most of the network providers offers an Auto-Renewal option while subscribing for their data purchase. This way, you wouldn鈥檛 select Auto-Renewal unknowingly. Auto-Renewal option is enabled by network providers to ensure your ease and comfortability while using their service.

How To Stop Auto-Renewal On Airtel 200 For 1GB And Others

In the Instant whereby you mistakenly select Auto-Renewal, do not be afraid, it is very easy to cancel.

Through SMS

To end Auto-Renewal, simply enter the Message Box on your device, and send 鈥楽TOP鈥� to 141 or 鈥淪TOPRENEWAL鈥� to 440. Immediately, Airtel will send a confirmation that you鈥檝e successfully stopped the Auto-Renewal.

Through Other Ways

You can also call Airtel Customer Care on 111 and ask them to stop the Auto-Renewal option for you. And also you can send them messages on Twitter @airtel_care for the same.

Why you should stop Auto-Renewal

When you sign up for your first data subscription, network providers will automatically purchase additional data subscriptions for you whenever you have sufficient airtime to do so, as instructed.

Even though this is convenient, it may result in you spending money on data subscriptions when you are not ready or interested in purchasing such data plans in the first place.

Stopping Auto-Renewal will ensure that you only purchase data plans when you require them, rather than when your network provider deems it necessary for you to do so.

Additional InformationAbout Airtel 200 For 1GB And Others

It is advisable to check for your eligibility status before recharging your airtel sim with airtime. To check this, simply dial the code for the activation of such data plans as mentioned above.

You will either get聽鈥� Dear Customer, you have insufficient balance to purchase this data bundle. Please recharge and try again鈥�.

This is affirmative of your eligibility and you can then proceed from thereon. While if you get this message or any of such聽鈥淒ear Customer, you are not eligible to buy this data bundle. Please dial *141# to activate another data bundle鈥�.

This shows that you are not eligible for such awoof plan.

Q & A Section

How can I cheat on Airtel Data?聽

Yes, you can use cheats on your Airtel data, but there is a cost associated with doing so. To get started, dial 1411504# or *688# and follow on with the prompt.

Is Airtel cheating with Data?

The answer is a big No. Aside from Glo, Airtel is the most generous network provider in Nigeria, according to a recent study. This post could also serve as evidence of that fact.


How To Get AIRTEL 200 for 1GB, 2GB for 500, 4GB for 1000 鈥� Airtel Codes 2021



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