I will silence critics – Defense minister, Bello Matawalle


In a resolute statement, the Minister of State for Defence, Mohammed , has affirmed his determination to silence his critics and showcase his capacity in his new role. The former Governor of Zamfara State expressed his confidence in effectively handling the responsibilities associated with his position.

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At a reception organized in his honor in Abuja, Matawalle addressed his critics, stating, “I have been hearing some people saying my brother Badaru (Minister of Defence) and I do not have the capacity to serve as ministers of defence; these people do not even understand what security is.”


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He emphasized that the key to success lies in determination, courage, and seizing opportunities rather than mere titles. Matawalle pointed to his track record as Zamfara State’s former Governor, where he successfully implemented security measures that served as a model for other governors.


“All measures I took to curb the security problems in Zamfara State, I have to do it first and other governors followed suit. This is because I have a strong understanding of security matters,” he asserted.


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Furthermore, Matawalle assured the people of Zamfara that he would not disappoint them in his new role as Minister of State for Defence. He emphasized a shift from seeking help to being in a position to assist others, underlining his commitment to improving ’s security landscape.


Matawalle’s determination to prove his mettle as a minister of defence reflects his confidence and commitment to addressing Nigeria’s security challenges effectively. His track record in Zamfara State will likely play a significant role in shaping his approach to his new responsibilities.

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