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Ifeanyi Adeleke: Police Moves for Autopsy, Release 6 Staff, Holds Nanny, Cook


Ifeanyi Adeleke: 6 Domestic Staff Released as Police Detain Nanny, Cook, Moves for Autopsy

Six domestic workers who were caring for Ifeanyi Adeleke, the deceased son of and Rowland, were released by the police.

Following Ifeanyi’s passing in the swimming pool at his father’s house, a number of personnels were arrested for an inquiry and questioning, including the discharged staff.

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According to a source, Ifeanyi’s cook and nanny are still being detained by the police, who intend to request an autopsy to ascertain the true reason of the boy’s demise.

The police may perform an autopsy in light of the controversy surrounding the passing of Ifeanyi Adeleke, the three-year-old son of (Davido), Nigeria’s top hip-pop artist, and his finance, .

In order to ascertain whether Ifeany died as a result of being accidentally dragged into a swimming pool at his father’s home in the Banana Island neighbourhood of , the police have scheduled an autopsy.

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According to a source with knowledge of the situation, an autopsy is routinely performed by the police in cases like these; but, if the boy’s family objects, the police will abandon their plans. He stated:

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“Though the family members are not saying anything yet because they are still in shock but until anybody says stop, the standard procedure is to conduct an autopsy and we are going to follow that procedure just like in any case of death.”

The insider went on to say that while the chef and nanny are still being held in custody, six out of Davido’s eight domestic helpers who had been invited for interrogation earlier had been arrested.

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It was the nanny’s responsibility to look after the youngster (Ifeanyi), therefore how could she have been careless if the boy had left the house without her knowledge?

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“The child exited the home, made his way around to the back where the pool is located, and dove in.

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Not until much later did anyone notice. He was in the bottom of the swimming pool at that point, having drowned.

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After the drowning event, attempts were made to revive Ifeanyi. Ifeanyi was reportedly taken out of his father’s home and transferred to Lagoon hospital, where medics unsuccessfully attempted to revive him.

They left Lagoon Hospital, he continued, and were taken in a medical emergency to Evercare Hospital, where he was later declared dead.

He stated:

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“They placed his body in the mortuary so that an autopsy could be performed to determine the cause of death.

Police questioned every household employee present at the time of the incident, but only the nanny and cook were taken into custody.

The two domestic helpers of Davido are still being held, according to Benjamin Hundeyin, a spokesperson for the Lagos State Police Command.

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“I spoke with the DPO, and he said that the nanny and the cook have been detained,” said Hundeyin. Other housekeepers who had been detained for questioning were freed.

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